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BCMS April Character Breakfast

Filed in Archive by on April 27, 2017

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Brave. Funny. Inspiring. Enlightened. These are just some of the words used to describe the more than 50 BCMS students who were honored Thursday, April 27 at the school’s third (and final) Character Awards Breakfast of the 2016-17 school year.

The group was treated to a breakfast, sponsored by our local Kiwanis Organization. Students were greeted by school and district administrators and members of the Board of Education. Representing the Board of Education were Matt Downey, who serves as president, Michael Cooper and Dr. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe. The students were each presented with a certificate and a keepsake magnet for their exemplary behavior and service as role models at school. 

The April event was used to recognize students who consistently demonstrate good behavior throughout the third marking period. Students are nominated by their team teachers and staff for the awards program, which has been an integral part of the BCMS Character Education program for ten years.

A list of winners and the comments received on their nomination can be found below.

April 2017 BCMS Character Breakfast


Grade 6

  • Nora Murphy – Nora has a love of learning approach to school. She participates in class and is always looking to expand on her knowledge.
  • Jack Newell – Jack has a great sense of humor. His humor and wit help bring a positive and enlightened atmosphere to any classroom.
  • Zach Price – Zach’s humor and good spirit is contagious to those around him. He has the ability to use his humor in a positive manner and lighten up any situation.
  • Madison Mutziger – Madison’s love of learning is evident in her educational process. She is always asking questions trying to better her knowledge of the subject.
  • Shreya Raghu – The love of learning appears to come natural to Shreya. She is a very positive person, always trying her best and looking to expand upon her current ability.
  • Tyler Sagendorph – Tyler’s use of humor is just one way in which he expresses himself and reaches his educational goals. Tyler’s positive sense of humor helps to create a learning environment that all can enjoy.

Grade 7

  • Ruth Hotaling – Ruth is a fantastic student. She is always eager to learn, participate and strives to do her best always. She is a pleasure to have in class.
  • Claudia Grimaldi – Claudia is a pleasure to have in class. She is always a leader; we all look forward to working with her daily.
  • Megan Whitbeck – When facing difficult circumstances, Megan continues to smile and move forward. She is inspiring to all.
  • Ryan Reynolds – Though faced with difficult circumstances, Ryan continues to smile, laugh and entertain every day.
  • Patrick Fitzsimmons – Patrick makes us laugh every day. He is a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to have in class.
  • Sara Giacone – Sara is always funny an upbeat. We can always count on her humor and smile.
  • Aimee Lewis – Aimee is an amazing worker and student. She gives 100 percent all the time and always strives to be her best.

Grade 8

  • Rory McFerran – Rory has shown bravery at BCMS.
  • Tyler Salisbury – Tyler has shown bravery at BCMS.
  • Will Connors – Will has shown bravery at BCMS.
  • Lucas Feltman – Lucas has shown bravery at BCMS.
  • Owen Naef – Owen is tenacious and has shown bravery at BCMS.
  • Brianna Doran – Brianna has a tremendous sense of humor.
  • Eliana Cromling – Eliana has a true love of learning.
  • Regan Leary – Regan has a true love of learning.
  • Tori Pistilli – Tori has a true love of learning.


Grade 6

  • Henry Reichman – Henry is interested in the world around him, often asking questions and engaging in conversations with others about world events and cultures. He puts forth superlative effort on his tasks.
  • Dylan Vuille – Each of Dylan’s assignments are thorough and concise. It is obvious he takes a lot of pride in his work, striving to do his best
  • Marissa Gourd – Marissa chose to do the right thing, in a tough situation, to help another in need. In putting the needs of another before her own, she showed true bravery.
  • Peyton Roach – Peyton chose to do the right thing, in a tough situation, to help another in need. In putting the needs of another before her own, she showed true bravery.
  • Maggie Tromp – Maggie has a quiet sense of humor, but she gets it!
  • Quinn Lesperance – Quinn really knows how to “yuck it up!” He likes to make others laugh.

Grade 7

  • Anushka Patel – Anushka is an excellent student who genuinely seems to enjoy all of her classes.
  • Caleb Ells – Caleb has shown great enthusiasm to learn and has performed at high levels in all of his classes.
  • Spencer Dodge – Spencer has a very positive attitude that helps to make the classroom a more inviting place.
  • Rachel Drew – Rachel always participates in class and is a good role model for other students.
  • Gavin Follos – Gavin has a great personality and brings a lot of humor to the class.
  • Kalin Oelkers – Kalin has a great attitude and can find humor in a variety of situations.

Grade 8

  • Anish Deshpande – Anish shows a passion to learn each day.
  • Skyler Friedman – Skyler shows a passion to learn each day.
  • Derek Strosahl – Derek shows a passion to learn each day.
  • Michael Bryant – Michael exhibits bravery and individuality each day.
  • Ally Melendez – Ally exhibits bravery and individuality each day.
  • Ali Orellana-Rinaldi – Ali brings a smile to our face each day.
  • Maia Lemov – Maia brings a smile to our face each day.


Grade 6

  • Leah Gornstein – Leah always strives to do her best. She asks questions when necessary to make sure she fully understands.
  • Matthew Collins – Matthew continues learning outside of the classroom and brings his knowledge into classroom discussions.
  • Norah McCaffrey – Norah has really grown as a student this year. While a little nervous about the freedoms of the middle school at the beginning of the year, she has faced those fears and become a strong student.
  • Orin Carlson-Lee – Orin is always ready to lighten the mood with a joke. He smiles non-stop and wants everyone around him to see the humor in any situation.

Grade 7

  • Paige Doherty – Paige has a curious mind and a quick wit. She helps to further her classmates’ understanding with her great questions and humorous comments.
  • Emma Henn – Emma demonstrates courage as she develops into her own person.
  • Christa Burger – Christa has a great sense of humor and fun which she uses appropriately in class. Her quick smile and easy laugh put her peers at ease.
  • Erin Hornbeck – Erin has a unique sense of humor. She also isn’t afraid to speak her mind.
  • Griffin Roeder – Griffin is funny. He brings original and novel sayings to our class discussions which cause us to laugh. He also enjoys learning new things and sharing his knowledge with the class.

Grade 8

  • Mya Thibault – Mya shows her love of learning by asking good questions and paying attention in class. She is also very good about seeing teachers outside of class.
  • Cristina Grigas – Cristina shows her love of learning by paying attention in class and putting forth 110 percent effort on all assignments.
  • Billy Frost – Billy shows his love of learning by putting forth a great deal of effort.
  • Logan Bardin – Logan shows his humor by always learning and having fun in class.
  • Drew Klugman – Drew is always able to find humor in class while participating positively.
  • Kiara Seavey – Kiara is brave by always speaking her mind and asking questions.