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BCMS, BCHS report cards now available

Filed in Archive, BCHS, BCMS by on June 24, 2020

A message for families of students in grades 6-12 from David Hurst, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Programs:

Dear BCMS/BCHS family:

The 2019-20 end-of-year student report cards for middle school and high school students are now available in Aspen.  As explained within the April 17, 2020 Final Grades and Course Credit for Students in Grades 6-12 message, full-year (FY) classes for which numeric grades have been reported can be converted to P for passing.  Between now and July 3, 2020 for SENIORS and July 8, 2020 for GRADES 6-11 parents/guardians have the ability to change the numeric grade in individual courses or all courses for their child(ren) to passing (P). This can be completed by a parent/guardian in Aspen.

To change a numeric grade, please follow the step-by-step directions that can be using these Convert Numeric Grade to P for Pass instructions.  Please note that these grade adjustments may only be completed from a parent/guardian password-protected account in Aspen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is BCSD giving students the choice to change numeric grades to P?

BCSD is providing this option in recognition of the unprecedented circumstances related to COVID-19. To maximize student success and learning, BCSD recognizes the challenges inherent as courses moved online and students and teachers worked remotely.

Will the credits from a high course recorded as P count toward graduation?

Yes.  Students will receive course credit toward graduation for any high school class in which they earn a P.

Can students pick and choose in which courses they want a change to P?

Yes.  Students may request one individual course, or all courses be changed to P.

Does a P course affect a student’s GPA?

No.  A grade of P will not factor into a student’s GPA.

How do students declare a course P?

After reviewing the numeric grades assigned by teachers on the end-of-the-year report card, parents/guardians should complete the “Convert Numeric Grade to P for Pass” steps in Aspen.  Students should consult with their counselor if needed.

What is the time frame for declaring a course P?

Seniors will have 10 days to change a grade to P; grades 6-11 will have two weeks. The form for requesting that a grade be recorded as P will be available in Aspen from June 24, 2020 (first day of report card release) until 11:59 PM on July 3, 2020 for SENIORS and July 8, 2020 for GRADES 6-11.

Why is the time frame for SENIORS shorter?

Senior final transcripts need to be uploaded to the appropriate higher education portals by July 15, 2020.  Closing the window on July 3, 2020 allows enough time to review transcripts and complete the upload by this deadline.

What happens if a student does not request that a course’s grade is recorded as P?

Unless a student specifically chooses to have a grade recorded as P, they will be graded in the traditional numeric grading system.

Is P grading optional?

Yes.  P grading is entirely optional. BCSD has designed it with the intention that choosing to select P grades will not negatively impact future academic success.


Students who were enrolled in courses terminating in a Regents Examination and earned course credit have been deemed exempt from the exam requirement by the NYS Education Department.  The notation that will appear on the report card is “C19EX.”  If this designation is missing, students should contact their school counselor.