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BCMS Career Day 2018

Filed in BCMS by on March 26, 2018

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“If you have a specific interest, don’t think that you are limited to one career path,” said musician Monica Roach. “There are many avenues, you just have to find your niche.”

That was the advice of parent and 2018 Bethlehem Central Middle School Career Day volunteer Monica Roach as she talked to students about her career in music alongside her other Arts and Humanities colleagues, curator Fabienne Powell and archivist Janet Braga.

“You can be interested in multiple fields, such as art and science,” said Powell. “I work with many adhesive chemists who are certified experts but they chose to focus on the chemical reactions of paint mixed with different materials.”

There were similar words of wisdom echoing throughout the middle school on Career Day, Tuesday, March 20. Dozens of parent volunteers talked to students about their educational backgrounds and what led them to choose a particular career path, and introduced students (and some adults) to careers they might not have thought of before. They also took time to answer questions from the students. 

Career Day is hosted annually by the Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) department for students in seventh grade.

Heather Mocerine, a parent who works for Albany Medical Center, shared with students what it’s like to work as a pharmacist in a hospital.

“As a hospital pharmacist, I don’t just dispense medication,” said Mocerine. “I also work alongside doctors and their patients to make sure the medications are working properly and that patients are receiving the treatments that they need.”

Students paid close attention when Mocerine noted that there are multiple ways medicine can be administered and how finding the best fit depends on the patient.

Volunteers representing different professions were grouped as follows:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Information
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Human and Public Services
  • Health and Sciences
  • Nature and Agriculture

The seventh graders spent time with each group and took notes on each speaker.

Thank you to all of our speakers who took time away from their busy schedules to teach our students about career opportunities:

  • Jane Twomey
  • Michael Roach
  • Shalini Verma
  • Tim Ritchie
  • Alex Kranson
  • Paul Bigwarfe
  • Jane Fronheiser
  • Nick Suhr
  • Howard Vargas
  • Heather Mocerine
  • Jason Heckman
  • Drew Smith
  • Jean Leonard
  • Nathaniel Reichman
  • Dan Belcher
  • Ryan Donovan
  • Brooke Donovan
  • Cam Macdonald
  • Alex Brand
  • Michael Brodeur
  • Sue-Ellen Bathmann
  • Shaun Reynolds
  • Jackie Conti
  • Shoham Piorentino
  • Robin Cairns
  • Dan Bolke
  • David Collins
  • Fabienne Powell
  • Monica Roach
  • Janet Braga
  • Mary Kavaney
  • Rhonda Lichtenwalner
  • Diana Delp
  • Cheryl Libutti
  • Kristin Stainbrook
  • Deborah Kearns
  • Ted Duffy
  • Manuel De Tuya
  • Steve Smith
  • David Quinn
  • Mohammed Shareef
  • Jackie Klein
  • Jay Groat
  • Carlin Jones
  • David Tromp