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BCMS Career Day 2019

Filed in BCMS, District News by on March 19, 2019

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“What you go on to study in college might not lead you to the job you thought it would,”  said designer Loretta Fontaine-Castagna.  “It may lead you through a lot of different pathways and jobs, but always carrying a similar element throughout.”

That was the advice of parent and 2019 Bethlehem Central Middle School Career Day volunteer Loretta Fontaine-Castagna as she talked to students about her career in architecture and design alongside her other Arts and Humanities colleagues, SEO writer Melissa Gold and financial advisor Marc Agel.

There were similar words of wisdom echoing throughout the middle school on Career Day, Tuesday, March 19. Dozens of parent volunteers talked to students about their educational backgrounds and what led them to choose a particular career path, and introduced students (and some adults) to careers they might not have thought of before. They also took time to answer questions from the students. 

Career Day is hosted annually by the Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) department for students in seventh grade.

Arthur Magnuson, a parent who worked as a horse trainer up in Saratoga Springs, shared with students what it’s like to wake up every day and do something you love.

“Find something that you can’t wait to wake up in the morning to do,” said Magnuson. “Something that excites you and that you get enjoyment out of.”

Students paid close attention when Magnuson noted that it took years of hard work to get him up to the status of horse trainer. He started out learning how to properly clean and take care of the horses before he even learned how to ride.

Volunteers representing different professions were grouped as follows:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Information
  • Education & STEM
  • Health and Human Services
  • Natural Resources and Agriculture
  • Law, Public Safety & Government

The seventh graders spent time with each group and took notes on each speaker.

Thank you to all of our speakers who took time away from their busy schedules to teach our students about career opportunities:

  • Parminder Agarwal
  • Marc Agel
  • Todd Alhart
  • Dr. Michelle Arthur
  • Ryan Bennett
  • Shelly Goldman Black
  • Ethan Bowerman
  • Dr. Jorge Cerda
  • Jack Connell
  • Arup De
  • Sherri Donnelly
  • Peter Feltman
  • Jim Ferreira
  • Loretta Fontaine-Castagna
  • Ellen Gokey
  • Sean Gager
  • Melissa Gold
  • Todd Gold
  • Craig Goldberg
  • Gregory Gould
  • Ken Halvorsen
  • Cory Hamilton
  • Paul Holstein
  • Adam Hornick
  • Lee Kindlon
  • Allison Lauenstein
  • Timothy Leonard
  • Chelsea Lincoln
  • Jean Leonard
  • Carol Levett
  • Benjamin Looby
  • David Luntz
  • Arthur Magnuson
  • Anthony Marino
  • Robert Martin
  • Michael McCarthy
  • Emilie Nelson
  • Larry Rulison
  • Charles Shepherdson
  • Major Art Thorton
  • Ryan VanAmburgh
  • Megan Waltson