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BCMS Character Awards Breakfast celebrates exemplary students

Filed in BCMS, Student Spotlight by on November 15, 2018

More than 35 BCMS students were honored Wednesday, November 14 at the school’s first Character Awards Breakfast of the 2018-19 school year.

The group was treated to a breakfast sponsored by our local Delmar Rotary Club and provided by the district’s food services staff. Students were then presented with certificates for their exemplary behavior in school.

This event was used to recognize students who consistently demonstrated good behavior throughout the first marking period and who demonstrated the character strengths of authenticity, purpose and kindness. Students, who are nominated by their team teachers and other staff, receive certificates signed by Hall Principal Jacqueline Munroe. The program, now in its twelfth year, is an integral part of the Middle School’s Character Education program.

A list of winners and the comments received on their nomination can be found below:

Hudson House

Hudson: 6th grade

  • Avery Eick – Avery exhibits kindness daily. She is always willing to help a peer or teacher.
  • Liam Witting – Liam volunteered to retype a NYS document that was blurry for the math classes. He is always willing to help others.
  • Erica Dong – Erica works with purpose and goes beyond what is required in all classes.
  • Harper Wallace – Harper is well thought out in all she does. She works with focus and purpose to complete all required school tasks.
  • Jolie Lucarelli – Jolie is a good role model to others. She follows through and makes good on promises.

Hudson: 7th grade

  • Anna Willi – Anna demonstrates a quiet determination in all she does. Her desire to know more and share her ideas in class shows that she thinks of her place in the world. 
  • Hayden Clark – Hayden is a role model for his peers; he is a creative thinker that shares his original thoughts and ideas in class. It is much appreciated.
  • Claire Hutton – Claire is a role model for her peers. She works hard in all she does, and she shows a true desire to succeed and understand
  • Benjamin Laderas – Ben demonstrates kindness on a daily basis by the way he interacts with his peers and how he shows generosity for those less fortunate.
  • Luke Zito – Luke demonstrates kindness in so many ways, from helping his friends to checking in with people to see if they may need help.

Hudson: 8th grade

  • Owen Conway – Owen always has a smile for everyone, and he is always happy to help others.
  • Toni McGee – Toni has confidence and is very strong in her convictions.
  • Melia Pesca – Melia is true to herself in every situation.

Mohawk House

Mohawk: 6th grade

  • Josephine Higgs – Josie is thoughtful and kind, often offering to help others at many points throughout the day.
  • Nathan Martocci – Nate is a genuine person who is true to himself and is not easily swayed by the opinions of others.
  • Ershad Sulaiman – Ershad is a very focused and conscientious student who realizes the importance of working together and being part of a group.

Mohawk: 7th grade

  • Casey Holstein – Casey is very dedicated to No Place for Hate and devotes much of her Homebase time to it. She is also a very focused student.
  • Amelia Kuhn – Amelia is a very hard worker and very self-aware. She is comfortable with herself and does not follow the crowd. Amelia is dedicated and diligent in her school work.
  • Sean Carter – Sean is nice to his peers and willing to work with students that are not as physically skilled as others in class. He is always polite and respectful to everyone.
  • Carly Scheid – Carly goes out of her way to include others in group activities. She is always positive and kind to everyone.
  • Sean Aliggayu – Sean works very diligently and always advocates for himself. He is a very conscientious student.

Mohawk: 8th grade

  • Mackenzie Kawczak – Mackenzie leads a life of purpose in and outside of BCMS. A tremendous young lady!
  • Emily Kurlander – Emily leads a life of purpose and is the type of student that others should strive to be.
  • Sarah Guyette – Sarah is such a kind, wonderful young lady and is a role model for her peers.
  • Kevin Begley – Kevin is a very authentic young man that is comfortable with who he is and makes others around him happy and at ease.
  • Lilly Caulfield – Lilly is a tremendous young lady that leads a life of purpose and meaning.

Patroon House

Patroon: 6th grade

  • Elyssa Johnson – Elyssa is kind to all students in her classes. She will do her best work with each partner and group member she is assigned to work with. She respects others’ opinions and encourages all to do their best work.
  • Jeremiah Mangini – Jeremiah stays true to himself, advocating for himself to improve his learning. He makes good choices for himself, doing what he needs to be successful. 
  • Sarina Phelps – Each day, Sarina contributes to the classroom environment with positivity and purpose. She offers great insight to classroom discussions and helps everyone to do their best.

Patroon: 7th grade

  • Margot Swinton – Madge has a lot of good qualities, among them is that she is true to herself.
  • Mollie Bennett – Mollie is a caring student who treats everyone around her with kindness and respect.
  • Jaidev De – Jaidev is a hard-working student who works with purpose and persistence.

Patroon: 8th grade

  • Henry Reichman – Henry is a quiet leader. He is respectful and wise beyond his years. His academic ability is outstanding, yet he continues to grow his skills and remains personable.
  • Peyton Roach – Peyton is confident in herself and is mature. She confidently shares her perspective and work. We are grateful for her participation in class.
  • Kayleigh Bigwarfe – Kayleigh is always willing to help other students. She is very generous with her time and patience.