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BCMS Character Breakfast celebrates exemplary students

Filed in BCMS by on November 8, 2017

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More than 40 BCMS students were honored Wednesday, November 8 at the school’s first Character Awards Breakfast of the 2017-18 school year.

The group was treated to a breakfast by our local Delmar Rotary Club and the district’s food services staff. Students were then presented with certificates for their exemplary behavior in school. 

The character award recognizes students on the character strengths of authenticity, purpose, kindness and humility throughout the marking period. Students who are nominated by their team teachers and other staff receive certificates signed by Hall Principal Jacqueline Munroe. The program, now in its eleventh year, is an integral part of the Middle School’s Character Education program.

A list of winners and the comments received on their nomination can be found below.


Hudson: 6th grade
  • Benjamin Laderas – Ben is an all-around nice guy who enjoys helping people. He is a great friend to others.
  • Ariadna Melendez – Ariadna worked very hard on the coin drive for Uganda with no expectation of recognition or reward. She did it because she wants to help others.
  • Richa Shenoy – Richa let her accomplishments speak for themselves. She spent a lot of time working on the coin drive for Uganda simply because she wanted to help others, not because she wanted recognition.
  • Naomi Tinsmon – Naomi always tries her hardest and never gives up.
  • Anna Walston – Anna always speaks the truth and allows everyone around her to see the real Anna. She takes responsibility for her words and actions.
Hudson: 7th grade
  • Catherine Donovan – Catherine is genuine and exhibits a unique personality.
  • Liam Johnson – Liam shows great patience and compassion for other students.
  • Nathanial Licht –  Nate is a hard worker and wants to do well. He’s earnest in his interactions with other students and shows a desire to understand.
  • Dylan Poirier – Dylan is straightforward and honest in his interactions with adults and peers.
  • Toni McGee – Toni is straightforward and honest in her interactions with adults and peers.
Hudson: 8th grade
  • Ryann Burns – Ryann is very sweet and kind to peers and adults.
  • Mark DiLullo – Mark is always happy and true to himself.
  • Sinead Fitzpatrick –​ Sinead consistently submits exemplary work yet remains humble and self effacing about all the care and hard work she puts in to achieve such amazing results.
  • Tyler Novak – Tyler is always kind and polite to peers and adults.
  • Gracie Skultety – Gracie is always authentic with her kindness and caring for others.


Mohawk: 6th grade
  • Sean Carter – Sean displays great kindness to his peers as he treats everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • Kyla Levin – Kyla’s authenticity is apparent as she is sincere and shows great character to all her peers.
  • Quynn Thompson – Quynn demonstrates humility by not calling attention to himself when receiving positive results as a result of his strong work ethic.
  • Kaitlyn Tietjen –  Kaitlyn goes far above and beyond to treat all students with kindness and fairness.
  • Sabrina Vichaiwattana – Sabrina displays great humility as she receives accolades for strong academic work while never boasting nor bragging.
Mohawk: 7th grade
  • Hayley Cerza – Hayley is always kind and generous to others! She also offers to help out with jobs around the room. She is very kind to our science pets.
  • Julia Kloss – Julia is always polite and kind towards others. She is a quiet leader who is very modest and does not seek the spotlight. She works well with other students, and she is very patient with them.
  • Zachary Price – Zach is always kind to his classmates and teachers. He includes others and is a polite and positive person.
  • Dylan Wang – Dylan goes out of his way to help others. He is always kind and polite towards others.
  • Lucy Whiteley – Lucy is always kind and generous towards other students. She is very modest and never seeks the spotlight. She is a leader by example!
Mohawk: 8th grade
  • Zachary Harbinger – Zachary is an exceptionally kind young man who treats all of his peers with respect.
  • Maren Louridas – Maren has a tremendous sense of purpose. She knows what her goals are and works hard to attain them. She is a wonderful part of the Mohawk 8 team.
  • Max Palat – Max shows true drive and purpose here at BCMS. He is a wonderful part of the Mohawk 8 team.
  • Vincent Rigney – Vincent is extremely authentic here at BCMS. He is genuine and sincere in all of his interactions with his peers and teachers.
  • Theodore Shaw – Teddy is the epitome of humility. He is modest and humble and a true role model on the Mohawk 8 team.


Patroon: 6th grade
  • Mollie Bennett – Mollie stays true to herself, working for what she wants. She ignores those who try to get in her way and steer her off of her course!
  • Michael Bruce – Michael works diligently and is attentive to his studies and learning. His strong work ethic demonstrates that he comes to school with purpose each day – to learn!
  • Brian Hornick – Brian is very kind to students and teachers. He is the first to say “Bless you” when someone sneezes; if someone coughs, he asks if they are okay. If someone is hurt, he offers to either escort them to the nurse or offers a tissue. If a classmate is absent, he inquires how they are doing upon their return.
  • William Lauricella – William graciously accepts praise for his accomplishments, including his excellent grades. He quietly leads others, acting with grace and humility.
  • Caroline Marotta – Caroline is humble and gracious in all she does. She is proud of her accomplishments and good grades and lets others shine around her too.
  • Erika Ruth – Erika has been so kind to her classmate and friend that is on crutches! Erika helps carry her belongings to her classes.
Patroon: 7th grade
  • Maryann Alsammarraie – Maryann is a very outgoing and inviting student who goes out of her way to help her fellow students
  • Joseph Bolduc – Joe is a very sincere and genuine student who is a pleasure to have in class.
  • QuiJanae Frazer – QuiJanae has a great personality and helps to make the classroom a more fun and interesting place.
  • Greta Graf – Greta works hard in all of her classes and is a very conscientious students.
  • Natalie Moshier – Natalie is a very kind student who makes the classroom a better place.
Patroon: 8th grade
  • Melana Carlton – Melana is very humble and hard working. She always does her best but does so with a quiet demeanor.
  • Margaret O’Neill – Maggie is a student who stands out but never feels the need to be in the spotlight.
  • Anushka Patel – Anushka is driven to meet academic challenges on a daily basis. She is a leader despite distractions in her learning environment.
  • Brandon Tice – Brandon is conscientious about including all students in the class and in groups.
  • Jack Tichman – Jack is confident in who he is and loves to offer his unique perspectives.