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BCMS January Character Awards Breakfast

Filed in BCMS, Student Spotlight by on January 23, 2019

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Curious. Insightful. Eager. Respectful. These are just some of the words used to describe around 40 BCMS students who were honored Wednesday, January 16 at the school’s second Character Awards Breakfast of the 2018-19 school year.

The group was treated to a breakfast, sponsored by our local Rotary Club of Delmar and provided by the district’s Food Services staff. Students were greeted by school and district administrators and members of the Board of Education. Representing the Board of Education were Holly Dellenbaugh, who serves as vice president, and Christine Beck. The students were each presented with a certificate for their exemplary behavior and service as role models at school and got to enjoy good company before the school day got underway.

The January event was used to recognize students who consistently demonstrate good behavior throughout the second marking period and who demonstrated positive character traits of fairness, curiosity, and zest. Students are nominated by their team teachers and staff for the awards program, which has been an integral part of the Middle School’s Character Education program for 12 years.

A list of winners and the comments received on their nomination can be found below.

Hudson House

Hudson: 6th grade

  • Naima Mazeau – Naima bubbles with energy and a love for life. She is always engaged in learning activities and ready to lend a hand.
  • Miriam Nester – Miriam asks great questions. She loves learning and is always looking to find out more.
  • Sean Smith – Sean always works carefully and strives for his best. He is an outstanding classroom citizen.

Hudson: 7th grade

  • Anna Brock – Anna’s quick thinking and genuine questions help her peers to see new connections and make better sense of their own thinking.
  • Alexander Furlong – Alex shows genuine interest and curiosity by the questions he asks during classes.
  • Luke Hershberg – Luke’s even temperament and patience with his peers is appreciated by all who work with him. In class discussions, he weighs the options and shows an open-minded approach.
  • James Janeski –  James treats all of his peers equally, with patience and kindness. Many students enjoy working with him because of the respect that he demonstrates for all.
  • Sophia Ritchie – Sophia shows a pure enjoyment for life and being present in the moment. Her smile and excitement are contagious.

Hudson: 8th grade

  • Kathleen Brodeur – Katie is always fair to everyone. She treats every student in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Leah Gornstein – Leah is always seeking out more information about what is presented in class due to her natural curiosity.
  • Luke Inglis – Luke shares his zest for life with everyone around him. He approaches nearly every situation with energy and humor. He greets those that he knows and everyone he meets with enthusiasm and is a joy to be around.
  • Reese Richter – Reese always treats everyone fairly and with respect.

Mohawk House

Mohawk: 6th grade

  • Katherine Bannigan – Kate is a wonderful and positive student who demonstrates the qualities of fairness throughout the school day.
  • Ava Gasson – Ava shows intellectual curiosity in all subject areas. Ava wants to learn more and always improves.
  • Kaan Yucel – Kaan approaches each day with zest, excited and eager for the academic challenges that lay ahead.

Mohawk: 7th grade

  • Caroline Davis – Caroline works well with her classmates, self-advocates, and is helpful to her peers and teachers. She treats everyone fairly and kindly.
  • Emerson Holtz – Emerson loves to think, explore, and discover. He constantly asks questions or makes observations both during and after Science class that go above and beyond what has been discussed in class. He is very good at making connections.
  • Akma Sanam Jakir Hussain – Asma approaches every day with excitement and energy. She always has a smile on her face and is a positive influence on her peers. She is optimistic and always eager to learn.
  • Helena Kung – Helena has an apparent love of learning both in and out of school. She asks thought-provoking questions, wants to discover answers to new questions, and is passionate about astronomy.
  • Zachary Longtin – Zachary comes to class everyday with contagious enthusiasm. He is eager to learn and has a positive influence on his peers. He approaches every day with excitement and energy.
  • Quynn Thompson – Quynn is always kind and helpful to others. He works well with his classmates, especially when placed in a group setting. He treats all people fairly, is a positive influence on his peers, and he self-advocates.

Mohawk: 8th grade

  • Hayley Cerza – Hayley deserves the award for curiosity. She seeks knowledge and wants to understand the WHY and HOW of every lesson. We are so happy that she is part of Mohawk 8.
  • Julia Kloss – Julia is such a great kid who always puts others first. Her sense of fairness, combined with her hard work and great personality, make her a special part of Mohawk 8.
  • Caitlin McInerney – Caitlin is a breath of fresh air this year! Her teachers and her peers recognize that her zest for school and for life are one of her greatest strengths. A terrific young lady.
  • Zachary Price –  Zachary is a well-rounded, kind, excellent young man who has a keen sense of fairness and making sure all voices are heard. A true asset to BCMS.
  • Amato Tiu – Curiosity is a trait that Amato has! He is always asking questions and seeking deeper truths to the lessons. He has a great outlook, and his teachers are truly lucky to have him in class this year.

Patroon House

Patroon: 6th grade

  • Pimpika Boonpan – Wa is always doing her job, helping other students, and always has a positive attitude. She is always prepared for class, has her homework done, and is willing to try new things.
  • Allison Hill – Allison comes to school each day with a smile on her face. She is sociable with adults and peers alike, always with a “Good Morning” and a wave. Allison works well with others, which encourages them to do their best as well.
  • Dean Palas – Dean shows fairness when working with others. He never looks for the easy way out, and he encourages his peers to follow along. Dean always treats others with fairness and kindness.
  • Donja Tripp – Donja asks insightful questions as she is interested in the world around her. She often shares her experiences from outside of school with others, sparking their interest too.

Patroon: 7th grade

  • Piper Doolen – Piper is a very friendly and outgoing student who brings a great energy to her classes.
  • Anthony Losee – Anthony is a very considerate student who treats all of his peers and teachers with respect and courtesy.
  • Eric John VanVranken – Eric John asks really good questions and shows a genuine interest in class topics.

Patroon: 8th grade

  • Rylee Davis – Rylee is very inquisitive. She asks thoughtful questions as she always wants to understand material fully.
  • Emma Greenblatt – Emma loves to learn. She works very hard to make sure she understands all the details and asks great questions.
  • Sophia Harris – Sophia has been doing well in communicating her needs, is trying her best to complete assignments, and remains positive about school work. She also loves to tell stories about cats, is doing well in Social Studies, and can independently gather her materials for class.
  • Jacob Hildreth – Jacob jumps into any group and makes all people feel welcome and valuable.
  • Jake Raab – We appreciate Jake’s willingness to work with all students.
  • Alexander Schalk – Alex has a big personality and loves to have fun.
  • Lily Watson – Lily always seems happy and adds joy to the lives of others.