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BCMS January Character Breakfast

Filed in BCMS, District, Student Spotlight by on January 24, 2018

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Curious. Thoughtful. Upbeat. Insightful. These are just some of the words used to describe the more than 40 BCMS students who were honored Wednesday, January 24 at the school’s second Character Awards Breakfast of the 2017-18 school year.

The group was treated to a breakfast, sponsored by our local Rotary Club of Delmar and provided by the district’s Food Services staff. Students were greeted by school and district administrators and members of the Board of Education. Representing the Board of Education were Christine Beck, who serves as president, and Dr. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe. The students were each presented with a certificate for their exemplary behavior and service as role models at school and got to enjoy good company before the school day got underway.

The January event was used to recognize students who consistently demonstrate good behavior throughout the second marking period and who demonstrated positive character traits of curiosity, fairness, perspective, and zest. Students are nominated by their team teachers and staff for the awards program, which has been an integral part of the BCMS Character Education program for 11 years.

A list of winners and the comments received on their nomination can be found below.

January 2018 BCMS Character Breakfast


Grade 6

  • Gabriella Raydo – During class discussions, Gabby asks good questions to get the class thinking. When she found out that her science class was getting a pet, she did research on her own about bearded dragons.
  • Anna Willi – Anna asks great questions during class discussions. In English class, she asks questions that get the class thinking about the characters and plot on a deeper level.
  • Sinjin Facchetti – Sinjin is an upbeat kid. He is always in a good mood and ready to take on whatever the day throws at him with a smile.
  • Claire Hutton – Claire looks at the world through a positive lens and takes in as much information as possible in any situation. Because of this, she is looked up to as someone who makes good decisions.
  • Tyler Goldberg – Through his words and actions, Tyler shows that he believes that everyone should have equal opportunities for success in life.

Grade 7

  • Aman Patel – Aman gives everyone a chance. Even if a peer has been less than patient or kind in the past, Aman listens and asks questions giving a peer a chance to explain his/her thoughts.
  • Brydon DeVolder – Brydon demonstrates a true desire to understand and learn more. He asks inventive questions and shares his findings with his peers.
  • Asia Ferrera – While Asia may be quiet in class, she has a love of travel and experiencing new things. She seems to really enjoy her adventures and looks forward to more.
  • Leah Gornstein – Leah has a unique way of seeing things and helps her peers to come to more complex and deeper understandings.

Grade 8

  • William Bievenue – Will is always appropriately funny.
  • Caitlyn Roddy – Caitlyn is always asking good questions and shows her curiosity.
  • Eamonn Hayes – Eamonn is always feisty about learning.
  • Ciara Ryan – Ciara is always inquiring and seeking the answers.
  • Sophia Annastas – Sophia has a great perspective on learning and balance for activities.


Grade 6

  • Bodie Ko – Bodie is enthusiastic about learning in all subjects and puts forth an excellent effort.
  • Timothy Sparks – Tim is very empathetic towards his peers and treats everyone with kindness and fairness.
  • Kaitlyn Harris – Kaitlyn cooperatives with others in small and large group settings and demonstrates fairness regardless of the group settings.
  • Sarah Hayes – Sarah’s curiosity allows her to discover the details within a certain topic.
  • Aaron Buckle – Other students use Aaron’s perspective when trying to form their own opinions.

Grade 7

  • Ella Bishop – Ella has a lot of energy and is always enthusiastic.
  • Suzanna Amirbekian – Suzie is taking a second language outside of school, which helps to widen her perspective. Overall, she has a very sophisticated outlook on life.
  • Howard Zhang – Howard is inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions. He is pursuing the opportunity to try to get into advanced math next year.
  • Violet Piccinini – Violet is very conscientious about making sure everyone is included in group activities during class.
  • Madison Mutziger – Madison is kind to everyone and she makes sure that everyone in her group is included in activities in all of her classes.

Grade 8

  • Megan Sparks – Megan has shown an exceptional amount of fairness to her peers.
  • Sarah Singh – Sarah has shown an exceptional amount of fairness to her peers.
  • Aliza Cotton – Aliza is an exceptional student who is intellectually curious and a wonderful part of our team.
  • Eric Jestel – Eric is an exceptional student who is intellectually curious and a wonderful part of our team.
  • Connor Murphy – Connor brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy, and zest to our team.
  • Allison Seebode – Allison brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy, and zest to our team.
  • Milan Bhatia-Guerin – Milan brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy, and zest to our team.
  • Lindsey Waters – Lindsey brings a point of view to school and life that is always unique and quite interesting.
  • Charlie He – Charlie brings a point of view to school and life that is always unique and quite interesting.


Grade 6

  • Christopher Folio – Christopher is interested in the world around him. He is always looking to learn more.
  • Lily Thornton – Lily is positive and happy. She adjusted well to a new school, embracing her new environment. She creates a positive classroom environment for herself, her peers and her teachers.
  • Brian Carrothers – Brian works well with everyone. He makes sure everyone has a job to do and does it well. He is helpful to other students when they are struggling.
  • Isha Narang – Because she reflects before offering a response, Isha’s contributions to class discussions are often thoughtful and insightful.

Grade 7

  • Lily Tobin – Lily is always eager to learn and is always trying to understand everything she can in all of her classes.
  • Anna Kranson – Anna has a very open attitude and is always willing to try new things and has a vibrant personality.
  • Samuel Fashola – Sam is a very thoughtful student and takes great care in what he does.
  • Jack Hepfer – Jack is a very hardworking student and is a good role model in his classes.

Grade 8

  • Spencer Dodge – Spencer appreciates all students’ abilities and is always willing to work with any student.
  • Hendreich Alas – Hendreich asks such great questions. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!
  • Dewey Mongue – We’re so impressed with the higher level of questions Dewey poses to us. They make our days interesting.
  • George Rhatigan – George is a ball of energy and loves life and people. We’re grateful for his happy attitude.
  • Emma Chaney – Emma does a great job recognizing other points of view and the big picture of life.