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BCMS March Character Breakfast honors 39 students

Filed in BCMS, Student Spotlight by on March 13, 2019

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Prudence. Self-control. Teamwork. These are just some of the words used to describe approximately 39 BCMS students who were honored Wednesday, March 13 at the school’s third Character Awards Breakfast of the 2018-19 school year.

The group was treated to a breakfast, sponsored by the local Rotary Club of Delmar and provided by the district’s Food Services staff. Students were greeted by school staff and administrators and members of the Board of Education. Representing the Board of Education were President Michael Cooper, Vice-President Holly Dellenbaugh, and Christine Beck. The students were each presented with a certificate for their exemplary behavior and service as role models at school and got to enjoy good company before the school day got underway.

The March event was used to recognize students who consistently demonstrate good behavior throughout the third marking period and who demonstrated positive character traits of common sense, restraint, cooperation, and social skills. Students are nominated by their team teachers and staff for the awards program, which has been an integral part of the Middle School’s Character Education program for 12 years.

A list of winners and the comments received on their nomination can be found below.

March 2019 BCMS Character Breakfast


Grade 6 

  • Sean Donovan – Sean is a great student. He always thinks things through and makes good choices. He tries hard and always does his best.
  • Phinnaeus Ruggiero – Phinn always takes the high road. He is able to make good choices when placed in difficult situations.
  • Clare Megahey – Clare is an excellent student. She works well in groups, making sure every team member’s voice is heard. She works hard and always does her best.
  • Madeline Ward – Maddy is a team player. She makes sure everyone in her group understands the tasks

Grade 7

  • Ryan Fenlon – Ryan shows great self-control. When his classmates are getting silly at times, he stays above it.
  • Colin King – Colin demonstrates prudence by showing how he thinks of possible outcomes and consequences.
  • Trevor Ortega – Trevor demonstrates self-control in all he does. He takes his time and work in class seriously.
  • Caitlyn Teplitzky – Caitlyn is a hard worker. Her planning and foresight are to be commended. She does well looking at the process and prioritizing her work.
  • Anna Watson – Whether in a traditional classroom setting or not, Anna shows herself to be a team player. She leads when needed, being a model for peers, and sometimes hangs back and encourages her peers to shine while she cheers them on.

Grade 8

  • Ella Baker – Ella brings in all members of the team or table and helps everyone participate in class.
  • Riley Donovan – Riley is a quiet leader and a positive role model. She is always focused on work completion and learning.
  • Violet Macdonald – Violet is always willing to help her classmates be successful. She is a positive presence in the class.
  • Kellen Stewart – Kellen is a great team player, which positively contributes to the class environment.


Grade 6

  • Braeden Manning – Braeden is a good friend and exercises self-control, which allows him to remain objective when dealing with other people’s emotions.
  • Dylan McInerney – Dylan is an active participant during group projects. He is supportive of his classmates and brings out the best in others.
  • Katherine Sauders – Katherine is thoughtful in how she approaches everyday decisions, thinking things through and not taking unnecessary risks.

Grade 7

  • George Abdo – George is a very careful person when it comes to doing academic work in school and at home. He always does his best! George works well with other students in class, is serious about his studies, and is a natural leader.
  • Paige Davenport – Paige does a terrific job with all her work and contributes positively to class. She is well disciplined in and out of class. Paige works well with all students in class and is a natural leader.
  • Joshua Derrick – Josh works well with other students in class, and he is always very kind and polite to others. The other students in the classroom look up to him as a leader in the room, and they enjoy working with him.
  • Tyler Fabian – Even though we did not witness it, making the national hockey team that traveled over break was pretty remarkable! You have to be a great team player to compete at this level. In class, Tyler works well with other students.
  • Christian Franchini – CJ always has his work done thoroughly and on time. He is well-disciplined in and out of class. CJ is very kind to other students when working in groups.
  • Dhara Patel – Dhara does her work with extreme care. She always goes above and beyond what others do. She is well-disciplined in and out of class. Dhara is kind and works well with all other students in class.

Grade 8

  • Blake Dieckmann – Blake has a tremendous sense of self-control. He always acts based on facts and logic, and that skill will serve him well in the future. He is a wonderful part of BCMS!
  • Camella Douglas – Camella shows the strength of prudence in the sense that she is wise beyond her years. She uses this strength to the best of her ability her at BCMS.
  • Jenna Libutti – Jenna is a delightful student who works well with others. She elevates any group with her work effort, knowledge, and personality.
  • Paige Sanford – Paige has a sense of self-control that is very impressive. This strength has served her well at BCMS and will continue at the high school. She is such an asset to BCMS!
  • Matthew Scanni – Matt is in control of his thoughts and emotions. That is such a wonderful skill to have! We are so proud to have him on Mohawk 8!


Grade 6

  • Ian Duffy – Ian demonstrates teamwork as he works well with all students in each of his classes. He shows patience and has a positive attitude.
  • Angela Graf – Angie shows prudence by working with care and making good decisions. She is thoughtful and deliberate with her assignments. She works well with others.
  • Ame-Jane Tootell – Ame-Jane demonstrates self-regulation throughout the day. She refrains from distractions, focusing on the task on hand. She is a role model to her peers.

Grade 7

  • Sasha Greenberg – Sasha is a studious and disciplined student who puts forth great effort in all of her classes.
  • William Lauricella – Will is a careful and thoughtful student, which can be observed in his outstanding academic performance and behavior.
  • Lillian Thornton – Lillian does a fantastic job working with and motivating her peers in all of her classes.

Grade 8

  • Chloe Heckman – Chloe always makes excellent choices.
  • Brian Mocerine – Brian works well with all students and is a great contributor to groups.
  • Nikhilesh Radsevich – Nikhil’s maturity and self-control in his classes is appreciated by his teachers.
  • Madison Ritchie – Madison’s excellent choices are noticed by her teachers.
  • Margaret Tromp – Maggie is a great group member and works well with all students.
  • Dylan Vuille – Dylan can be counted on to model great behavior and self-control.