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BCMS March Character Breakfast

Filed in BCMS, Student Spotlight by on March 28, 2018

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Prudence. Self-control. Teamwork. Social Intelligence. These are just some of the words used to describe the more than 40 BCMS students who were honored Wednesday, March 28 at the school’s third Character Awards Breakfast of the 2017-18 school year.

The group was treated to a breakfast, sponsored by the local Rotary Club of Delmar and provided by the district’s Food Services staff. Students were greeted by school staff and administrators and members of the Board of Education. Representing the Board of Education were Christine Beck, who serves as president, and Dr. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe. The students were each presented with a certificate for their exemplary behavior and service as role models at school and got to enjoy good company before the school day got underway.

The March event was used to recognize students who consistently demonstrate good behavior throughout the third marking period and who demonstrated positive character traits of common sense, restraint, cooperation, and social skills. Students are nominated by their team teachers and staff for the awards program, which has been an integral part of the BCMS Character Education program for 11 years.

A list of winners and the comments received on their nomination can be found below.

March 2018 BCMS Character Breakfast


Grade 6 

  • Anna Brock – Anna is very easy-going and comfortable in any situation. She is willing to lend a hand whenever it is needed.
  • Caitlyn Teplitzky – Caitlyn is always striving to do her best, even when those around her are not. She is an excellent role model for other students.
  • Rachel Hammond – Rachel is one of our sweetest students. She always has a kind word for everyone and a smile on her face. Rachel participates in all school spirit events and works hard on group assignments.
  • Colin King – Colin is always thinking ahead. He exercises excellent judgment in all situations. He serves as a positive role model for other students.

Grade 7

  • Riley Donovan – Riley gets along well with different groups and is aware of others’ thoughts and feelings.
  • Violet Macdonald – Violet works well as a member of a group. She does more than her fair share of work and supports others.
  • Elly Lyda – Elly demonstrates a great deal of maturity on a daily basis. She thinks things through when making decisions.
  • John Vagianelis – Jack demonstrates self-control and positive decision making.
  • Kathleen Brodeur – Katie is a very self-disciplined and mature young woman.
  • Emma Moore – Emma comes to school focused and self-disciplined. She advocates for herself when needed.
  • Isabelle Brand – Izze works well as a member of a group. She does more than her fair share of the work and supports others.

Grade 8

  • Ayanna Bing – Ayanna works very well in small groups.
  • Molly Russom – Molly works very well in small groups.
  • Jake Ruud – Jake works very well in small groups.
  • Aidan McPhillips – Aidan works very well in small groups.
  • Sage Obernesser – Sage works very well in small groups.


Grade 6

  • Julianna Tafilowski – Julianna demonstrates great teamwork and cooperation when it comes to working with other students.
  • Benjamin Imbriaco – Ben demonstrates great social intelligence by treating everyone as an equal.
  • Maeve Fitzpatrick – Maeve uses social intelligence to reflect her ability to lighten up the atmosphere of a classroom.
  • Sean Aliggayu – Sean uses prudence when it comes to his academics and his social endeavors.
  • Tyler Fabian – Teamwork is just one attribute that Tyler exhibits during the course of his school day.

Grade 7

  • William Wu – William gets along well with various groups of students, and he works well with others in class. He is a wonderful person and has a positive attitude towards others.
  • Lauren Savage – Lauren is willing to work with anyone and always puts in great effort. She is very kind and has a positive attitude towards her classmates.
  • Jack Fuller – Jack works well with other students, has a positive attitude, and participates in class all of the time. He is a tremendous role model for other students.
  • Ava Furgele – Ava goes above and beyond to help both students and adults. She gets along well with everyone. Ava is always ready with a smile and a positive attitude.
  • Sarah Guyette – Sarah is a very careful person, and she thinks things through before she makes a decision. Sarah is a wonderful, sweet, kind person, and she gets along well with all students. She is a team player with a positive attitude.

Grade 8

  • Emma VanLuven – Emma is a school leader that shows an amazing level of social intelligence.
  • Juliette VanLuven – Juliette is a student leader that excels in the area of social intelligence.
  • Eqdam Sulaiman – Eqdam is an amazing young man that truly values teamwork.
  • Margaret Proper – Maggie excels at being a student and at being a role model to her peers. She has mastered self-control and truly is an amazing young lady.
  • Joanne Somide – Joanne is such a terrific student in the way she exhibits all of our character strengths, but prudence is a particular strength.
  • Emily McCann – Emily is a fantastic all-around student and has mastered self-control. She is an absolute asset to BCMS.
  • Elizabeth Amodeo – Elizabeth is a role model to her peers and is able to control herself at all times. She is a part of what makes BCMS a fantastic place.


Grade 6

  • Brian Carrothers – Brian is earnest and always does his best. He is mature and avoids being distracted by others’ choices and behaviors.
  • Sasha Greenberg – Sasha is careful in her work, taking care to only hand in her best work. She is thorough and demonstrates maturity when working with others.
  • Eleanor Kopplin – Ellie notices when others need help, and she will pitch in whenever she can.
  • Jacob Olewnick – Jacob works well with all of his peers during classes. He always contributes to the task and will be sure the group does their best work.

Grade 7

  • Vesna Pasetto – Vesna is a mature student who takes her academics seriously.
  • Olivia Hopper – Olivia is a very-well behaved student and takes her academics seriously.
  • Margaret Tromp – Maggie is a well-liked student who always is willing to help her peers in class.
  • Alexander Smith – Alex is always an active participant in class and works very well with others.
  • Audrey Henson – Audrey not only does very well academically, but she is appropriate in all of her interactions with her peers and teachers.

Grade 8

  • Katerina Van Steele – Katie makes good choices each day. She utilizes time in class and homebase wisely and understands that 110% effort is required for consistent success.
  • Richard Myers – Richie is able to maintain focus and exhibits a great work ethic, even when his peers do not.
  • Jacob McAllister – We really appreciate Jacob’s calm demeanor and quiet leadership this year. We appreciate his willingness to always work hard and focus on expectations, even when his peers do not.
  • Katherine Shudt – Katherine is a very calm presence and gets along well with all students. She negotiates peer and adult interactions flawlessly.