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National History Day

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Learn about this year’s theme – Breaking Barriers in History

Crafting a quality thesis statement instruction.

Annotated Bibliography Lesson


Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Websites – what to look for.

Evaluating websites pdf

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5 Ws of website evaluation

Citation Help – Use the BCMS LMC Style Manual for assistance in citing all of the items listed below.

Print Sources

  • Book with one or two authors
  • Book with an editor
  • Work in an anthology
  • Article in a specialized encyclopedia
  • Article in a print magazine or newspaper
  • Article in a magazine or newspaper reproduced in a print book or collection -(Example: Twentieth Century America: A Primary Source Collection from the Associated Press)
  • Article in a print scholarly journal

Print Sources Available Online

  • Article in a specialized encyclopedia included in an online database
  • Article in a magazine or newspaper included in an online database
  • Article in a magazine or newspaper article on a website
  • Print book available online

The Web

Make sure you are not looking at book, magazine article, report, or other type of source posted on the web.

  • Help with websites and webpages
  • Website (use if you are using several of the site’s pages)
  • Web page (use for a single page)
  • Identifying the parts of a webpage

Other Types of Sources

  • DVD, videocassette, filmstrip, slides
  • Film or recording available on the Internet (previously released)
  • Song or spoken recording on CD, MP3, audiocassette, or LP
  • Work of art in an online gallery or image database (such as an art museum)
  • Work of art viewed in a museum or collection
  • Lecture, speech, or reading available on a website
  • Interview conducted by the researcher (YOU!)
  • Government document

Locating Resources in the Library Catalogs

Useful Databases

Finding Information on the Web

Locating Quality Information Including Primary Sources

Creating/Printing an Annotated List of Works Cited

Working with Images