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Bethlehem Central One-To-One Device Program Guidelines

Filed in Archive by on November 6, 2017

The Bethlehem Central School District (“BCSD”) is committed to providing students with the technology needed to excel in the classroom and future careers. Pursuant to this commitment, the District has established a One-to-One Device Program (the “1:1 Program”). Under this 1:1 Program, all students in designated grades will receive a personal computing device (“1:1 Device”) for use in their educational program.

District Ownership and Student Privilege of Use

The District owns or leases all 1:1 Devices issued to students.

Use of a 1:1 Device is a privilege, not a right.

Students have no expectation of privacy on their 1:1 Device, which may be monitored and/or inspected by the District at any time to ensure compliance with District policies, regulations and applicable laws.

Students are required to abide by all requirements of the 1:1 Program and all District policies and regulations relating to use of District Technology, including but not limited to District Policies and Regulations on Technology Resources and Data Management (8630/8630R), Acceptable Use (4526/4526-R), Internet Safety (4526.1/4526.1-R), Cyberbullying (5810), and the Code of Conduct (5300).

The District may terminate the 1:1 Program and require return of some or all 1:1 Devices at any time and for any reason, including for failure to comply with District policies, regulations or these 1:1 Program Guidelines.

Students who graduate early, withdraw or terminate enrollment for any reason must return their 1:1 Device, charger and all BCSD peripherals.

What does Bethlehem do to protect students who are online?

The district uses web filtering designed specifically for the K-12 environment. There are also district and user reports the Technology Department can use to monitor overall activity and ensure appropriate use, or to drill into specific issues. Read more about the district’s web filtering and other online safety tools for school and home.

Student and Family Responsibilities

1:1 Devices are for Student Use only

  • The 1:1 Device may only be used by the student to whom the device is issued.
  • Students must keep their passwords private and not disclose them to others, except to parents/guardians.
  • Students are expressly prohibited from using another student’s name or password to log into their 1:1 Device or another student’s 1:1 Device.
  • Family members or others are not allowed to use the 1:1 Device except to assist the student with that student’s school assignments.

Students are responsible for the proper care of their 1:1 Device

  • 1:1 Devices should only be used on a table or other flat, stable surface.
  • 1:1 Devices should be protected from extreme heat or cold and should never be left in a car, even if the car is locked.
  • Students should never eat or drink while using their 1:1 Device, or use their 1:1 Device near others who are eating or drinking.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the 1:1 Device.
  • 1:1 Devices must be locked in designated lockers during PE classes and before and after school sports and may not be used in locker rooms, bathrooms, gym, or at sports events or left out of lockers at any time.

1:1 Devices should be kept free and clear of all personal markings

  • The District’s ID tag must remain on the 1:1 Device at all times.
  • Students may not place stickers on the 1:1 Device.
  • Students may not write on, drawn on, engrave or otherwise deface any 1:1 Device.

Students are responsible for bringing their 1:1 Device fully charged to school each day

  • Properly charged, the 1:1 Devices have enough battery capacity to last the entire school day.
  • Power cords, which are easily lost, should be left at home.
  • If student brings a 1:1 Device into school that is not sufficiently charged or forgets to bring his/her Device a loaner device will be issued.
  • Repeatedly failing to bring a properly charged 1:1 Device to school is grounds for discipline pursuant to the Code of Conduct.

The District will provide preconfigured 1:1 Devices with Internet filtering enabled pursuant to the District’s Technology Use, Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policies

  • Students are specifically prohibited from changing their 1:1 Device’s configuration or from bypassing their 1:1 Device’s Internet filter.
  • Because no filtering solution is perfect, parents/guardians are responsible for setting standards for their children and monitoring their children’s activities outside the school setting, including their use of the Internet.

The District will provide an approved “app store” for downloading applications and other software to the 1:1 Device. Only software from the District app store may be downloaded to the 1:1 Device

Students are responsible for saving their work to their District-issued account

  • No documents or other materials may be saved directly to the 1:1 Device.
  • Students will be provided with instructions on how to save their documents to their District-issued account

Technical Support and Responsibility for Damage or Loss

If a 1:1 Device is not working properly or is damaged, students and their parents/guardians are required to notify the Technology Department immediately.

Students and their parents/guardians are expressly prohibited from attempting any repair of their 1:1 Device. Any 1:1 Device that experiences problems or needs maintenance or repair must be provided to the Technology Department for technical support and/or repair.

While every effort will be made by the District to fix problems “in house,” it may be necessary to return the 1:1 Device to the manufacturer for repair. If the 1:1 Device must be sent out for repair, another 1:1 Device will be provided to the student for temporary and/or permanent use.

In the event a student loses a 1:1 Device or a 1:1 Device is stolen, the student and/or student’s parent/guardian must report the incident to the District immediately and file a police report.

The District will be self-insuring 1:1 Devices against accidental damage. In the event, however, that the District determines the Device was damaged or was lost/stolen due to the failure to follow these 1:1 Program Guidelines, the District may require the student’s parent/guardian to reimburse the District for such damage or loss on a case-by-case basis.

District Technology User Agreement and Parent Permission Form

Click here to fill out the BCSD Technology User Agreement & Parent Permission form.