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Board of Education to consider county request regarding sale of Clarksville at Feb. 7 meeting

Filed in District by on January 19, 2018

Updated January 19, 2018: The Board of Education will formally consider a request from Albany County to alter terms of the lease-purchase agreement between the district and the County Sheriff when it meets again on Wednesday, February 7. The meeting will take place at Bethlehem Central High School in the Library Media Center.

At its meeting on January 3, the Bethlehem Central Board of Education will consider a county request to revise a purchase agreement between the district and the Albany County Sheriff’s Office for the former Clarksville Elementary School. The request, from the Albany County Attorney, would replace a three-year lease-to-purchase payment plan with a one-time lump sum payment by the county for the property. The total purchase price would remain unchanged at $325,000, consisting of cash of $198,000, and in-kind services of $127,000. 

All other terms of the agreement — approved by the Board in June 2017 following three public meetings on the matter — would remain the same. 

Should the Board of Education vote to approve the county’s request, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office would take ownership of the property immediately upon closing, rather than in 2020 which had been proposed as part of the lease-purchase agreement