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Facilities (Series 7000)

 All policies are listed in policy number order. If you would like to search the page by policy title or policy number, hit the Control and F keys (Command and F if you’re on a Mac) at the same time and type in your keyword or policy number. Otherwise the Facilities Policies are as follows:

Policy 7100 | Facilities Planning

View the PDF version of the Facilities Planning Policy here.

The Board of Education (the Board) of the Bethlehem Central School District (the District) is ultimately responsible for the regular operation and orderly development of the District’s physical plant. In carrying out this responsibility, the Board is concerned with both short-term and long-range planning.

The Board delegates to the superintendent the responsibility for formulating and implementing, subject to approval by the Board, the following plans for school building facilities:

  1. Comprehensive long-range facilities development plan – This plan shall be kept current and re-evaluated at least annually. It will include an appraisal of the following:

a. educational philosophy of the District, with resulting administrative organization and program requirements;

b. present and projected pupil enrollments;

c. space use and state-rated pupil capacity of existing facilities;

d. priority of need of maintenance, repair, or modernization of existing facilities, including consideration of the obsolescence and retirement of certain facilities; and

e. the provision of additional facilities.

2. Five year capital facilities plan – This plan will include the following:

a. a yearly breakdown of the estimated expenses for construction, additions, alterations, major repairs, system replacement and repairs, and maintenance and energy consumption; and

b. a Districtwide building inventory including the number and type of facilities; the age, capacity, use, and size of each building; and each building­s safety ratings, energy sources, probable useful life, major system repairs needed, and asbestos reports.

Ref: 8 NYCRR Part 155 (Educational Facilities)

Adoption date: June 19, 2002 
Revised date: August 7, 2019

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Policy 7360 | Construction Contracts, Bidding and Award

View the PDF version of the Construction Contracts, Bidding and Award Policy here.

All construction contracts for the Bethlehem Central School District (the District) in excess of $20,000 and purchases of equipment at a cost in excess of $10,000 must be advertised, bid on, and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder in accordance with the District’s policy and procedures for competitive bidding. No school building may be erected, purchased, repaired, enlarged, or remodeled at an expense that will exceed $100,000, nor may an advertisement for bids for the execution of the plans and specifications for a school building be placed, until the plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved by the commissioner of Education. Such plans and specifications will show in detail the ventilation, heating, and lighting of such buildings. Construction documents that have been modified subsequent to the commissioner’s approval may not be advertised for bid until the commissioner has approved such modifications. The successful contractor will enter into a formal contract, prepared by the District attorney, detailing all aspects of the construction to take place.

Every District contract for construction, alteration, or repair of any public building or public works, or for the manufacture, sale, or distribution of material, equipment, or supplies, shall contain provisions prohibiting discrimination on account of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

All contractors to whom a contract has been awarded must provide a performance bond obtained through a bonding company licensed to do business in New York State. The required amount of such bond shall be included in the Statement of General Conditions set forth in the advertisement or notice for bids.

All contractors shall guarantee that prevailing rates of wage, as provided for in the Labor Law §220, shall be paid to all workers on public projects in the District.

Ref: Education Law §§408; 2556
General Municipal Law §§101; 103; 103-d; 106; 108; 109
Labor Law §§220; 220-e; 222; 222-a

Adoption date: June 19, 2002 
Revised date: August 7, 2019

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Policy 7365 | Construction Safety

View the PDF version of the Construction Safety Policy here.

The Board of Education (the Board) of the Bethlehem Central School District (the District) recognizes the District’­s responsibility to provide a safe school environment for students and staff during construction and maintenance projects.

The superintendent shall be responsible for ensuring that District procedures for safeguarding the safety and health of students and staff are consistent with state law and regulation, including the Uniform Code of Public School Building Inspections, Safety Rating and Monitoring and the Uniform Safety Standards for School Construction and Maintenance Projects. Specifically, the superintendent shall be responsible for the following items at the specified phase of the construction project.


  1. Ensuring proper planning for the safety of building occupants during construction or maintenance activities.
  2. Hiring a New York State-licensed architect or engineer for projects costing more than $5,000.
  3. Ensuring safety issues are addressed for bid specifications and contract documents.
  4. Providing notice to parents, staff, and the community in advance of any construction project costing $10,000 or more to be conducted in an occupied school building. The notice is to be given at least two months prior to the date on which construction is to begin, except in the case of emergency construction projects, in which case notice will be given as soon as practical. The notice will provide information on the District­’s obligation to provide a safe school environment during construction projects. The notice may be given by publication in the District newsletter, direct mailings, or by holding a public hearing on the project.
  5. Revising the District­’s emergency management plan, when appropriate, to accommodate the construction process, including a revised emergency exit plan and emergency evacuation and relocation procedures during the construction process.

During Construction

  1. Monitoring of construction and maintenance activities to check for safety violations and to ensure that certificate of occupancy requirements are continuously maintained.
  2. Ensuring that all areas to be disturbed through renovation or demolition are tested for lead and asbestos.
  3. Investigating and responding to health and safety complaints.
  4. Conducting fire drills during construction to familiarize students and staff with revised emergency procedures.
  5. Ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements regarding noise abatement, exits, ventilation, air quality, fire and hazard prevention, chemical fumes, gases and other contaminants, asbestos and lead paint abatement, and radon testing and mitigation.


  1. Conducting a walk-through inspection with the Health and Safety Committee to confirm the area is ready to be reopened for use.

Cross-Ref.: 7100, Facilities Planning
8110, School Building Safety
8112, Health and Safety Committee
8130, School Safety Plans and Teams

Ref: Education Law §§ 409-d (Comprehensive Public School Building Safety Program; 
409-e (Uniform Code of Public School Buildings Inspection, Safety Rating 
and Monitoring)
8 NYCRR Part 155.4 (Uniform Code of Public School Building Inspections, Safety 
Rating and Monitoring); 155. 5 (Uniform Safety Standards for School 
Construction and Maintenance Projects)
9 NYCRR Parts 600-1250 (Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code)

Adoption date: June 19, 2002
Reapproved date: August 7, 2019

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Policy 7365-E | Construction Safety Exhibit

View the PDF version of the Construction Safety Exhibit Policy here.

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