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Breakfast and lunch are free for all students

Filed in District, District News by on October 13, 2020

The Bethlehem Central School District Food Service Department is now offering ALL students meals at NO COST. Thanks to a USDA program to assist families during the COVID-19 crisis, the USDA is covering the cost of all meals served by our school cafeteria program through June 30, 2021. This means all students K to Grade 12 participating in remote, hybrid or in-person learning are eligible for free breakfast and lunch regardless of income level. 

Questions about free meals available on-site for students?

Read our Food Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with information on what students need to do and expect during meal service at each level. Please note that side or a la carte/snack items are not free with this program and will still require students to have money on their meal account.

Need food during remote learning?

Please email Allissa Eiser, Food Service Director to request and get link to the form to complete as well as more information on what to expect. Meals are delivered to the home for days that students are not in school.

Why should you take advantage of these free meal options? Here are some reasons:

  • It is available to your children at no cost to you
  • It will extend your food budget at home
  • You’re helping our food service department turn over food inventory and helping our program stay financially afloat
  • There is enough for everyone and you will not be taking food away from anyone!

Should I still apply for Free & Reduced-Price Meals?

Yes! Parents who are eligible should still fill out a free/reduced application NOW! The USDA is only offering free meals for all students for a limited time. When the USDA ends this program, students whose families have applied for free & reduced-price meals will continue to receive meals at no charge. If a student does not have a current approved application on file, that student must be charged full price for meals. Applications can be found on our website’s Food Service page, or you can email, for a copy. 

Questions? Call or email Allissa Eiser, Food Service Director at 518-439-8885 or