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The Bridge to College (B2C) Program

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What is the Bridge to College (B2C) Program?

Bridge to College, or B2C, is a mentoring program for “first-generation” students who aspire to go to college and are interested in exploring post-secondary options. In its inaugural year, nearly 20 teachers are paired with students in the B2C Class of 2020 to help guide them through the complex college application process.

Students and families actively participate in programming workshops held year-round to help with college selection, financial aid, essay writing, test preparation and much more. They also visit local colleges and learn the ins and outs of the college admissions process.

Who are first-generation students?

First-generation students are students whose parents or legal guardians have not completed a bachelor’s degree and will be the first in their families to attend college in the United States. First-generation students come from families of all income levels. The B2C program is designed to help first-generation students who have a drive and desire to attend a four-year college or university. Some students are from families who speak languages other than English at home or whose parents were raised in countries with different education systems. In many cases, these are students who are unaware of their options for higher education. They may have fears or misconceptions about college and its costs.

What do B2C mentors help with?

  • Explaining the college planning process to students and families
  • Assessing the student’s coursework, talents, strengths
  • Helping students understand how their interests and abilities can connect to careers and determine what educational requirements are needed to get them there
  • Assisting students in finding colleges that are a good “fit”
  • Providing college entrance test preparation
  • Navigating the application process, including fees, deadlines and more
  • Examining financial aid opportunities, EOP and HEOP programs
  • Accompanying students on tours of colleges
  • Connecting high school students with current college students who can explain what college life will be like
  • Becoming a recognizable, friendly face in the halls of the high school

How do students connect with B2C?

The Bridge to College program is currently a pilot program. As such, students were invited to participate by their school counselors. An application process has been developed for students who may want to take part in the program in the future.

What is the B2C timeline?

Students and families will take part in a program that spans two academic years, beginning in the junior year. The two-year program culminates in the spring of a student’s senior year.