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Caring and Sharing a reflection of the community

Filed in District, District News by on December 23, 2020

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It was like something out of that old holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Only this time, it wasn’t the residents of Bedford Falls that stepped up with an unbelievable show of support in a time of need. It was a school district community that wouldn’t let their neighbors down, especially at this time of the year.

On Saturday, Dec. 19, district administrators gathered at the high school as they do every year to distribute bags and baskets of holiday food items and grocery store gift cards to district families in need of assistance. But it was touch-and-go leading up to Saturday, as the annual community-wide effort known as the BC Caring and Sharing program, like many things, found itself threatened by the lingering COVID crisis.

With most schools moving to remote learning at a moment’s notice, food donations to the annual holiday program stopped when students could not come to school. But when the message went out to the community that the Caring and Sharing program needed some help, the response was nothing short of amazing. And a pandemic that doesn’t want to quit couldn’t stop a generous school community from contributing all that it could to help neighbors in need. On December 15, cars lined up by the dozen at the high school to drop off food items, toiletries and more as part of a Drive-Up and Drop-Off collection program that helped to fill in where school food collections could not be fulfilled.

And gift card donations, too, came flooding in during the final week and included donors, old and new, who supported the program. Some of these included:

  • Bethlehem Community Fund – $5,000
  • BCMS PTO – $2,200
  • SABIC Plastics – $1,000
  • Slingerlands PTO – $1,775
  • YMCA – $1,700
  • Bethlehem Police Department – $900 (collected during a community parade)
  • Delmar Reformed Church – $850
  • BC Transportation Department – $436

These major donors, as well as the community members who gave to this year’s Caring and Sharing Program, have our deepest gratitude. With their help and yours, many of our BC neighbors will have it a little easier this week as we head into the holiday break. 

The BC Caring and Sharing program will continue to provide assistance as the 2020-21 school year continues. District families who still need assistance as we move into the new year are encouraged to reach out to their child’s school counselor.