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CBS journalist Steve Hartman visits Lab School

Filed in BCHS by on November 2, 2017

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On October 27, CBS broadcast journalist Steve Hartman visited Lab School students to discuss his career working for the CBS Evening News which features his weekly segment On The Road. The segment, originally hosted by Charles Kuralt, was revived by Hartman in 2011. Hartman has received an Emmy award as well as four Edward R Murrow awards for his writing. 

During Hartman’s visit to the high school, he shared with students his top ten all-time favorite stories which included his profile of a man named Chris Rosati who found his life’s purpose inspiring random acts of kindness following an unexpected diagnosis of ALS at the age of 39. The story, viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube, describes how Rosati sought to adapt a theory in physics called the butterfly effect to kindness, where the smallest gestures that might otherwise go unnoticed can have a huge impact on people’s lives.

Hartman said most of his stories focus on uplifting acts of kindness and heart-warming moments of human spirit and help to offset the negative news viewers normally see on a nightly basis.

“By the end of his presentation many in the audience had been moved to joyful tears,” said teacher Andrew Rickert. “Members of the Lab School are already making plans to generate community service projects similar to the one featured in the story of Chris Rosati where they can have a butterfly effect on the world.”

Rickert said Hartman also took time to field questions from the students about the media and how to pursue a career in journalism.

Special thanks to parent Natalie Winne for her assistance scheduling this unforgettable guest speaker.