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Chromebook FAQs – Grades 9-12

Filed in BCHS by on August 1, 2017

What does Bethlehem do to protect students who are online?

The district uses web filtering designed specifically for the K-12 environment. There are also district and user reports the Technology Department can use to monitor overall activity and ensure appropriate use, or to drill into specific issues. Read more about the district’s web filtering and other online safety tools for school and home.


    Can student work be transferred from their Chromebook to another device?

    Student applications, emails, bookmarks, documents, presentations and just about anything done in the Chrome browser while a student is logged in is available on another Chrome browser or device.

    How is one student’s Chromebook distinguished from another student’s Chromebook?

    All the Chromebooks are the same, so they look very much alike. However, each Chromebook will be tagged with a sticker with the student’s name on it. Additionally, district asset tags with barcodes will be on each device, and each device has a serial number. The district keeps all that data, so if a Chromebook is misplaced, we can determine who it is assigned to and get it back to the student user. Chromebook information will also be available in a tab located on a student’s page in ASPEN. Any ID stickers that are on the Chromebook when issued must stay on the Chromebook. No additional permanent markings of any kind (stickers, engraving, permanent ink pen, tape, etc.) shall be placed on the Chromebook at any time. While the devices are issued to students, they are still district-owned property. Additional permanent markings on the device will be considered vandalism.

    Will devices be kept by students over summer? 

    Yes. Only seniors who are graduating, or students leaving the district will hand in their Chromebook.

    What will be the procedure/consequence if a student fails to bring their Chromebook to school, or it wasn’t properly charged?

    Discretion is up to the teacher.

    Who owns these Chromebooks—the students or the school?

    Chromebooks remain the property of Bethlehem Central School District, always.

    Can the Chromebooks be used with a personal Google account?

    No, only district assigned Google accounts can access the Chromebooks. For example, students will not be able to log onto a district device using their personal Gmail account.

    What if a student forgets the password to their Google account?

    The student can stop by the Student Helpdesk to have their password reset.

    What if a student is out of school for an extended period (illness, travel, family emergency, etc.)?

    With these devices, it will become even easier for students to receive work from their teacher. Assignments, readings, and other resources can be placed online and shared with the student who is absent. The student can do the work online from home and submit or share it with the teacher.

    Who is responsible for updating the device (software and applications)?

    Chromebook operating system, Chrome OS, updates itself automatically. Students do not need to update their Chromebooks manually.

    Is there a plan for students to bring their own headphones as part of their school supplies for next year? 

    Yes, students should provide their own headsets/earbuds.

    Will a student be able to choose his/her own screensaver? 

    While personalized screensavers or backgrounds are permitted, inappropriate or provocative images including but not limited to pornographic images, guns, weapons, inappropriate language, threatening language are not allowed.

    What if a student is found to be using “hacking” software? 

    Use or possession of hacking software is strictly prohibited and violators will be subject to BCHS discipline. Violation of applicable state or federal law may result in criminal prosecution

    What about camera use and the Chromebooks? 

    The Chromebook comes equipped with both camera and video capacities. As with all recording devices, it is best practice and common courtesy to ask permission before recording an individual or group and notifying the individual or group if the image will be posted online. Cameras may never be used in a locker room or restroom.