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Cold weather reminders for families

Filed in District by on January 4, 2018

As extreme cold moves into the Capital Region and sub-zero wind chills are expected overnight and into tomorrow, the Bethlehem Central School District will be closely monitoring the weather conditions. While school closures are generally a result of snow or ice, other factors can also impact the decision to modify the school day schedule. These decisions are based upon a careful analysis of all relevant factors, such as:

  • Weather forecasts;
  • The timing of expected weather, and if conditions are expected to worsen or improve:
  • Information on road conditions from our transportation staff and local officials;
  • Impact on our transportation fleet (sub-zero temperatures can impact bus operations);
  • Building conditions, such as whether the buildings have electricity, heat and water; and
  • Ambient (surrounding air) temperature and the wind-chill factor.

The district reminds families that in preparing children traveling to and from school, it is parents’ responsibility to ensure children are dressed properly. This means all students, from elementary through high school, should be wearing warm outerwear, gloves or mittens, hats and scarves, and protecting any exposed skin from the elements. This is especially important for our students who ride the buses.

Also, please remember that parents are responsible for their child(ren) until the bus picks them up and after they are dropped off in the afternoon. If a parent believes weather conditions are not appropriate for a child to be at the bus stop, the parent should make alternate transportation arrangements. In addition, a parent always has the choice of keeping a child at home.

The district uses many ways to communicate weather-related closures, including TV/print media, website, Facebook/Twitter, and SNN email and text alerts. It is best to rely on more than one source of information when it comes to weather-related announcements. Learn more about how BC communicates weather-related closures, delays.