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Construction at the High School auditorium

Filed in Archive by on November 22, 2019

The high school auditorium, originally built in 1952, is the largest and most complex of the construction projects. Work includes a complete renovation of the interior seating and stage areas, with the addition of air conditioning. Enhanced performance experiences will be supported by increasing the height of the “fly loft,” widening the stage proscenium, and adding a thrust stage. These stage improvements will accommodate larger and more complex set designs and large music ensembles, and provide greater visibility and flexibility for audience members and performers. The auditorium will expand into the high school lobby to allow for the addition of a theatrical control booth and an improved entry.

Crews are planning to have the majority of the exterior construction done prior to the arrival of winter weather and anticipate completion of the auditorium sometime in May of 2020.

Update Jan. 2020: Insulation and sheetrock is being installed and construction of the acoustical ceiling is well underway. There have been some unforeseen challenges for work crews in the auditorium and the completion date of April 2020 will likely need to be adjusted.

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