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BCMS December Character Strengths Luncheon

Filed in Archive by on December 15, 2016

On Wednesday, December 14, more than 50 middle school students were surprised to learn they were being treated to a special pizza lunch and a “Pit Party” after being selected by teachers for demonstrating one of the following character traits: Love, Creativity and Persistence. The best part of the celebration? They each got to bring along a friend.

While the students at BCMS represent a number of positive characteristics all year long, as part of the school’s Character Strengths Program, three times a year select students are honored for demonstrating certain character strengths in the classroom and around the school. Each team at the middle school nominates students who have demonstrated one of the highlighted character strengths.

Congratulations to our students and thank you to the Kiwanis for their continued support of our character programs!


  • Isabella Chirkis
  • Ryan Walker
  • Liam Raleigh
  • Lily Reagan


  • Gemma Lucarelli
  • Lily Gray
  • Owen Conway
  • Lena King


  • Maggie Walters 
  • Sophie Klein
  • Ella Bishop
  • GuHong Wu
  • Nick Evangelista
  • Nick Atteck


  • Heera Nerang
  • Jack Lucey
  • Nora Samson
  • Natalie Sevilla
  • Ryan Taffe
  • Josh Detwiler


  • Allison Coolidge
  • Eva Mane
  • Cella Labarge
  • Colton McDermith
  • Matthew Connolly
  • Matan Ruggiero


  • Frances Johnson
  • Andrew Kirby
  • Mason Rowe
  • Abe Kauffman
  • Joanne Somide
  • Tyler Colloton


  • Jaydan DesChamps
  • Maggie Cartwright
  • Ellora Rabenstein
  • Oliver Nathanielsz
  • Marissa Monteleone
  • Jack Bronk


  • Katie Grossman
  • Ryan Jeffers
  • Gavin DeCrescenzo
  • Cassie Lule-Ymeraj
  • Brynn Lahey
  • Rose Castagna


  • Antonia McGuire
  • Constance Lalor
  • Courtney Stevens
  • Danish Bhatti
  • Ella Kasper
  • Evan Marshall
  • Jonathan Neal
  • Julia Garrison
  • Nicole DiCarlo
  • Samantha Day
  • Schuyler Ritchie