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Delivering convenience with a smile

Filed in BCHS by on June 9, 2017

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All throughout the 2016-17 school year, BCHS Life Skills student Uqua Blair has been running a convenience store on wheels. 

Under the guidance of teacher Jen Hackett, Uqua brings the merchandise from the school store, located adjacent to the cafeteria, and visits the various offices in BCHS offering mid-day snacks to high school faculty and staff. Dedicated to his customers, Uqua faithfully works his route Monday through Thursday during lunch. 

“Uqua is responsible for determining the prices, must know how much change to give, and always thanks customers for their purchases,” said Business Teacher Kevin Fottrell, who is the faculty adviser for the school store. “He has recommended new items to sell and is integral to the success of the school store.”

Fottrell said all proceeds from the traditional store, and from Uqua’s rolling convenience store, are used to restock items sold throughout the year.

Both Fottrell and Hackett are very pleased with the results for this first year initiative. Thank you, Uqua!