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Department Overview

Bethlehem Central students are known to distinguish themselves in the classroom, but they also do so in the arts. The district has outstanding programs in music, theater and the visual arts , evidenced by strong participation and support for these programs from the wider community.

Whether it’s Bethlehem’s award-winning student musicians, annual art shows or our student theater groups that perform to packed audiences each year, there is a lot to participate in and spectate as a member of the Bethlehem Central community!

This page was developed to provide an overview of the many ways for students to participate in the arts at Bethlehem Central.

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Arts programs

From kindergarten through high school, Bethlehem Central offers quality programs designed to explore the arts, for creative self-expression, for fun and for future career choices.

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Music programs

Learn more about Bethlehem’s long-standing tradition of rich musical instruction and musical performing opportunities for children of all ages.

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Theater programs

Bethlehem’s student theater groups give students in K-12 the change to develop talents, gain confidence and work as a team to put on several community plays each year.

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Parent and Community Support Groups

Bethlehem Theater Support Group

The Bethlehem Theater Support Group (BTSG) is a volunteer organization of students and their families, BCHS faculty and staff, and community members. Working closely with faculty directors, its purpose is to support and promote high-quality musical and dramatic theater productions by the students of Bethlehem Central High School. It seeks to achieve this goal through the voluntary assistance of parents with the wide variety of tasks attendant to staging student theater productions, and with fundraising efforts such as concession sales, soliciting community support, and memberships.

Bethlehem Central High School has an extraordinary history of producing consistently high-caliber, entertaining student theater. Each year the BTSG assists with:

  • Theater Without a Net’s Fall Shakespeare production in Studio 46
  • Stage 700’s spring musical
  • Encore Acting Troupe’s drama productions

These combined productions will typically involve 100 to 150 students, or more, in both performing and technical roles. Thousands of audience members enjoy live theatrical productions each year at BCHS. This would not be possible without the active support of the BTSG.

The BTSG is committed to the belief that participation in live theater is one of the broadest and most enriching educational experiences that can be offered to young people, combining the cultural and practical values of literature, music, dance, technical crafts, teamwork, responsibility, mutual respect, self-esteem and confidence. In that spirit, we invite you to join BTSG and share the joy and excitement of live theater by participating in one or more of our committees.

Bethlehem Music Association (BMA)

For more information about the BMA, please visit their website or contact the BC Music Department at 439-4921 x22129 

The Bethlehem Music Association is an organization made up of parents, teachers, community members, and business sponsors which recognizes and supports the district music education program of the Bethlehem Central School District, the music students, faculty and concert programs. We provide publicity, advocacy, commission original pieces for our music festival and sponsor summer music, scholarships for students to attend Suburban Council, All-State, All-Eastern and National festivals, as well as senior music awards, recognitions for 8th and 12th grade students, guest performances for students at all levels, guest artists and music workshops for our student performers, and more!

Membership forms are available at Open Houses and fall/holiday concerts. All families and community members are encouraged to become BMA members, which can be done at one of five levels. (Note: Maestro, Presto, Allegro and Andante lists appear in the BMA inserts which are included in all concert programs around the district.)

  • Conductor – $250 or more per year
  • Maestro – $150 per year
  • Presto – $100 per year
  • Allegro – $50 per year
  • Andante – $25 per year
  • Adagio – $10 per year

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