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Business Office

COVID-19 UPDATE FOR VENDORS: The district has set up a special email for vendors to use to email invoices directly to the district:

Tucked above the high school library off the school’s B wing is a set of offices that serves as the BCSD Business Office. Overseeing the office is Chief Business and Financial Officer Judi Kehoe, who along with her staff, handles the business end of running the school district. They serve the community and they serve district employees. Have a question about your health insurance, but you’re not sure who to call? Maybe it’s a retirement question or you need to process a donation for an extraclassroom activity? Use the information below to help guide your inquiries and the photo above to help put a face with each member of the Business Office team!

Amy Baluch – Human Resources

New employee paperwork; fingerprinting; ID badges; vacancy postings; Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) questions; Health insurance; Flex Benefit Plan; and Civil Service.

Nancy Clark – Clerical Assistant/Human Resources

Instructional staff matters, including certification issues, seniority, tenure, home instruction, BOCES substitutes; schedules appointments with Assistant Superintendent David Hurst.

Tina McKay – Personnel Assistant / Human Resources

Non-instructional staff matters; attendance questions (except leaves of absence); substitutes; delivery inquiries.

Cathy VanWie – Payroll

Calculates salaries including changes in salary due to maternity/medical leave status; processes payroll deductions and withholdings, payment of federal and state taxes, and W-2 forms.   

Deshanna Lee – Senior Account Clerk

Processes timesheets; processes payments for vendor invoices and employee reimbursements; handles accounts payable inquiries; and assists with other accounting-related tasks. 

Martha Shea – Accountant/Purchasing

Elementary Extra Classroom Accounts (ECA); budget transfers; approves requisitions; donations/budget amendments; deposits/cash receipts.

Phyllis Albano – Treasurer/Business Administrator

Oversees day-to-day operations of Business Office; assists in development of district’s budget; reviews financial transactions; provides monthly budget reports to the Board; responsible for submission of state reports.

Michelle Curtis – Secretary to Chief Business and Financial Officer

Coordinates Workers Compensation benefits; tax collections for Town of New Scotland; schedules appointments with CBFO Judi Kehoe; prepares Facility Use billings.

Judi Kehoe – Chief Business and Financial Officer

Oversight of the Business Office, Operations and Maintenance, Transportation, and Food Service departments; advises on all business and financial matters of the District; labor/management matters.