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Students in District Media & External Media Policy

Students in District Media

Student directory information (defined as name, grade, school, town of residence, photograph, video, participation in activities and/or sports, and any honors or awards received) may be used in district publications and district web communications or released to the media or other organizations. Parents/guardians who wish not to release their child’s directory information should notify, in writing, both the Superintendent of Schools and the child’s building principal within 14 days of the start of each school year.

External Media & Advertising

If you are an external organization (not directly affiliated with the school district) and you will be on the district’s campus photographing or videotaping students in any capacity, and the images or video may or will be used for advertising or promotional purposes for your organization — you must get written permission from the parents of the students in question. Typically this is in the form of a media release. We have provided a sample media release below. Please make sure that a copy of the signed release is provided to the school.

News Media on BC Campus

If you are a news media outlet looking to come to the Bethlehem Central campus (any of our schools) please coordinate your visit with the district’s Communications Office, as per Board of Education policy, all media visits must be cleared by the Superintendent of Schools, or designated district spokesperson. For example, if a teacher contacts the news media, the visit still must be coordinated with the district’s Communications Office.