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District adopts Cold War Veterans’ Exemption

Filed in District, District News by on February 28, 2019

The Bethlehem Central School District will be offering a new partial tax exemption to local veterans starting in the 2019-2020 school year under a resolution passed February 27, 2019 by the Board of Education. The Board of Education approved the new tax exemption, which is available to district veterans in both the Town of Bethlehem and the Town of New Scotland.

Beginning in September, eligible district veterans can receive school property tax exemptions for 2019-20 from a minimum of $6,000 to a maximum of $26,000 (assuming the town’s equalization rates are 100%). Eligible wartime veterans would receive an exemption equal to 15% of their assessed value, subject to a maximum of $6,000. Disabled veterans could receive up to an additional $20,000, for a potential total exemption of $26,000.

Questions on eligibility should be directed to the Assessors in either the Town of Bethlehem or the Town of New Scotland. The Assessors determine who is eligible, and for what amounts, based on the provisions of NYS Real Property Tax Law. Upon approval, the amounts will appear as exemptions on the September tax bills, benefiting both school and library taxes.

If a veteran qualifies for the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption, they are not eligible for the Cold War Exemption.

If a veteran is currently receiving the Cold War exemption on their January 2019 tax bills, no further action is required. If you believe you may qualify for the Cold War exemption, and are approved for this after March 1, 2019, the benefit will first appear on your September 2020 tax bill.