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Eagle Elementary to practice mass evacuation drill

Filed in Archive by on November 17, 2016

Eagle Elementary School will practice a mass evacuation drill the week of November 21 in collaboration with the Bethlehem Police Department.

During the drill at Eagle, district staff and the police department will be testing the communication and logistical protocols necessary to safely relocate students to an off-site location in the event of a real emergency. During the drill, Eagle students will evacuate the school, accompanied by teachers and staff, and together will move to a nearby school where they will take shelter indoors until instructed to return to the elementary school. The drill, including travel to and from the off-site location, is expected to take approximately 45 minutes. Because this is a larger scale activity than the drills we practice regularly, this will be the only time this type of drill takes place at Eagle this year.

We share this information with you because we want our families to have a better understanding of the different drills we practice so you can help your student feel prepared and safe. Drills are an important first step in keeping Bethlehem schools, students and staff safe. District staff follow strict, detailed safety protocols during emergency drills. With good training and practice, everyone involved will be better able to react appropriately in the event of an actual emergency. Drills allow administrators, staff and students to mitigate, prepare for and recover from a variety of incidents.