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Eagle PTO needs YOU in 2017-18

Filed in Archive by on March 27, 2017

The Eagle Elementary School PTO needs YOU!

Without the PTO many events and activities would not exist at Eagle Elementary.  This year we have many openings.  Please consider volunteering your time to help our Eagle Kiddos!

2017-18 PTO Board Openings

All board members are expected to attend monthly PTO Board and General Meetings


  • This position is typically a two year term
  • 2017-18 Board has 2 openings for President

There are typically 2 co-presidents with one taking the 1st lead role and the other taking secondary role.  Then when the lead president leaves board the second co-president assumes lead role.

  • Schedule and coordinate monthly PTO board and general meetings. 
  • Prepare agendas for the PTO board and general meetings. 
  • Facilitate the PTO board and general meetings. 
  • Follow up on any concerns or outstanding issues raised during the PTO meeting unless otherwise delegated. 
  • Oversee all other board member duties
  • Attend Monthly Presidents Council Meetings

Vice Presidents

  • 2017-18  opening is for both EVENT and FUNDRAISING VPs.
  • There are two VP positions – one oversees Fundraising committees and the other oversees Event committees. 

Over the Summer/ Start of Year Tasks

  • Check over the list of committees that are assigned to you and identify which committees may still need chairs.
  • Touch base with all departing committee chairs to be sure that have turned in their committee binder and completed a final report.
  • Make sure chairs all have their committee binders with pertinent information along with PTO forms such as – Sales Tax Exempt form, Reimbursement Form, Cash Box Requests.
  • Act as a liaison between PTO board and committee.
  • Invite new committee chairs to appropriate PTO wiki pages.

Throughout the Year

  • Check in with committee chairs.  
  • Invite them to PTO meetings before and after their events to share how things are going and how they went. 
  • Report on their behalf if they are unable to attend PTO meetings.


  • There can be up to two secretaries on the board
  • 2017-18 Board has 2 openings for secretary.
  • Record and publish minutes for all meetings of the executive board and general membership.
  • Record all PTO board votes.
  • Send email communications via PTO Express.
  • Maintain mailing list on PTO Express.
  • Post reminders on PTO Facebook Page.
  • Coordinate any correspondence from PTO to school community.
  • Deal with incoming mail and distribute at board meetings.
  • Maintain the PTO Corner – hang thank you’s on bulletin board,  TV slides, flyer distribution


Committee Chairperson Openings

Author’s Fair (alternates w/Lip Sync) – SHADOW Needed
This could be a new event for Eagle.  Was proposed years ago that on the alternate years with Lip Sync we hold a children’s Author’s Fair where children write and publish a story.  Then one evening all the stories would be on display with a celebration for the student authors!

  • When is it? April
  • Current chair: Siobhan Matrose

C.A.P.E.R. – SHADOW Needed
Children and Parents Enjoy Reading – takes place once a month in the evening.  Chairperson helps to coordinate evening’s snacks and prizes.

Fifth Grade Activities  – CHAIRPERSON Needed – Should be a current 4th GRADE Parent
This committee is responsible for the organization of the PIT party at the Middle School. Volunteers will book a DJ, coordinate food donations, prizes and organize parent volunteers. They are also responsible for choosing and ordering the class gifts.

  • When is it? May/June
  • Current chairs: Tracey Nautel & Erica O’Brien

Fall Family Picnic  – SHADOW Needed
This committee is responsible for the organization of the fall family picnic – organize ice cream truck; volunteers for food and drinks and DJ for fun and games. 

  • When is it? September
  • Current chairs: Jane Barnes & Becky VonWedel

Silent Auction – SHADOW/ CO-Chair Needed
A PTO fundraiser held in November. A large number of volunteers are needed to run this event. Several sub-committees are needed: donation procurement, children’s activities, refreshments, event day operations.  Planning begins as soon as the school year comes to a close.  Focus on soliciting tasks over the summer and then focus on the event planning in the Fall.  One Chair must have extremely proficient computer skills.

  • When is it? June-November
  • Current chairs: Tracey Nautel

Flower SalesSHADOW Needed
Arrange flowers sales for fall and spring flowers. Work with florist and create forms for parents. Arrange pick up at school for parents.

  • When is it? September/May
  • Current chairs: Becky VonWedel

Spooktacular SHADOW/CO-CHAIR needed
Organize Haunted Hallway and bootown; arrange for DJ; organize volunteers and 5th graders for haunted hallway

  • When is it? October
  • Current chairs: Jane Barnes

Albany Devils Game  –  (every other year) CHAIRPERSON Needed
Organize singing the 5th graders singing the National Anthem or God Bless America at the Albany Devils Game – work with rep from Albany Devils to organize details.

  • When is it? April
  • Current chairs: Cristin McGrath

Yearbook – CHAIRPERSON Needed
Organize and arrange yearbook – work with yearbook company to put together yearbook and collect photos from room parents and other parents throughout the year.

  • When is it? All year
  • Current chairs: Kristi Narang

Work with Krause’s Candy to organize fundraiser before Easter selling candy.

  • When is it? All year
  • Current chairs: Silpa Hanchinal