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Elsmere & BPD team up for very special parade

Filed in Archive, Elsmere by on June 1, 2020

From the time BCSD school buildings closed in mid-March, faculty and staff from the five elementary schools have hosted parades through the neighborhoods surrounding the schools where students reside.

Some students, who attend the intensive skills classes hosted at Elsmere Elementary School, but live outside the school’s neighborhood boundaries were not on the first parade route. But that didn’t stop faculty and staff from teaming with the Bethlehem Police Department to make sure these students didn’t miss out. More than a dozen faculty and staff members from Elsmere and the district’s Special Education and Student Services (SESS) department got to drive by and wave to the students and families. The group was accompanied by a police escort.

The parade brought smiles (and some tears) to the faculty and staff who had not seen their students in person in 12 weeks. Thank you to the following people, and to the families who made this parade a memorable experience for all. Special thanks to Officer Adam Cobb for planning and organizing this special parade.

Thank you!

  • Det. Gina Cocchiara
  • Officer Adam Cobb
  • Stacey Downs
  • Sue Mara
  • Meghan Lord
  • Moira Mascelli
  • Jason Cosco
  • Joan Martelle
  • Sonya Christopher
  • Patty Guiry
  • Amy Leary
  • Ellen Sauer
  • Meg Maurer
  • Mythili Murthy
  • Casey Danza
  • Maria McQuide
  • Mary Ellen Baker
  • Julie Buttereit
  • Meghan Singh