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Elsmere students get creative with technology; turn Iroquois symbols into 3D designs

Filed in Elsmere, Student Spotlight by on February 5, 2019

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Fourth-grade students at Elsmere recently worked together in groups to create original three-dimensional designs of Iroquois symbols as a part of one of their units of study.

The project, which was collaborated between Teacher’s Cathy Fredette and Greg Balcavage along with Librarian Jaimee Meyer, had students choosing an Iroquois symbol that they then researched using books and other various library resources.

Among some of the more popular Iroquois symbols were the Eagle, the Turtle, the Cluster of Arrows, the Longhouse, and the Great Tree of Peace to name a few. 

After looking into the history and significance of each of their symbols, students were then able to bring the project into the 21st century by constructing an original three-dimensional design of their symbol using Tinkercad, a web-based software for 3D design. The design was then printed on the school’s 3D printer, affectionally called “R2-Print2.”

The student creations, along with a paragraph they composed about their symbol, were placed on display in the Elsmere library throughout the month of January.

Way to go, students!