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What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Filed in Archive by on February 2, 2018


Your EAP is a benefit provided by Bethlehem Central School District and is a resource to help employees and their families who are facing a problem in their lives. It is designed to assist with marital, financial, personal, relationship, legal, alcohol, drug or any other concern you may want confidential and professional assistance with.

WHO: All employees and their dependents can use the EAP service. When you call Human Resource Associates (HRA EAP), please identify yourself as an employee or dependent of Bethlehem Central School District.

To schedule a confidential appointment, call the HRA EAP at {518) 434-1799 X10. There is no charge for your EAP consultations; Bethlehem Central School District has taken care of that for you. Once the EAP counselor has made an assessment of the problem, they may refer you for further consultation or counseling. At that point, you would be responsible for any costs not covered under your health insurance plan.


Bethlehem Central School District recognizes the cost of training and retaining good employees. That concern and investment compel them to want to retain good people. Through your EAP, we hope you will be able to resolve problems that intrude on your work or in your life. People are the most important asset an organization has, and getting help is important to all of us for our future.


No records or information about your personal problems will be placed in an employee’s file. Counseling services at HRA EAP are completely confidential and no information about who uses the EAP is reported to the District. This is a password-protected interactive website developed for BCSD employees and family members. Please register for the confidential resource by going to the website or from a link at our website You will be asked for your KEYCODE to initially register yourself. Your keycode is Bethlehem. Once you register, you will create your own password for future confidential log-in.


Download our App on your tablet or smartphone. Search: Human Resource Associates. Free App download.


Call HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIATES EAP and speak with any of the professional staff at {518) 434-1799. You can also e-mail us at or see our website at

Human Resource Associates is located at 3 Atrium Drive, Suite 202 Entrance B., Albany, NY 12205, phone 518-434-1799, fax 518-434-1132, website: