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Frequently Asked Questions: School Meals Fall 2020

Filed in Archive by on September 17, 2020

Please note that meals are now free for all BCSD students through June 30, 2021. This includes one breakfast and one lunch meal per student per day. This does not include snacks or other single item purchases.

How will lunch work at school this fall?

Grades K-5: Each morning, teachers will take a lunch count and submit this information to the school cafeteria. The school cafeteria will prepare and deliver meals to the classrooms at lunchtime. Noon aides will monitor children as they wash hands, eat lunch and clean up using bins located in or just outside the classroom. Noon aides will bring students to recess before or after lunch.

Grades 6-8: All students must pre-order lunch. The pre-order forms are linked to the date on the menu. 6th graders order before leaving school the day before and 7th/8th students order the morning of service. Students are assigned a lunch seating area and seat (gym, library or cafeteria). Seating is socially distanced. Meals are delivered to each location and distributed by kitchen and noon aide staff.

Grades 9-12: All students must pre-order lunch. The pre-order forms are linked to the date on the menu. Students order the morning of service. The cutoff time to submit orders is 9:30am. Students are assigned a lunch seating area (gym or cafeteria). Seating is socially distanced. Based on what a student orders, they are assigned a meal pick up location. They will go to that location to pick up their meal and seat themselves to eat. Students without a scheduled lunch period need to select that option when pre-ordering their meal. They may then select any menu option and will pick up a meal box labeled specifically for them at BC Commons kiosk at the start of 6th period. They will eat in the assigned hallway eating areas before going to their next class.

Can I buy or pack lunch for my child?

You are welcome to choose either option on a daily basis.

What will the menu look like?

The menu will look the same and still be available on the school website. Some menu options will change to accommodate service to the classroom. As the school year gets on and meal service is stable and sustainable for our operation, the option for a snack in addition to the meal may be offered for an additional cost. Snack offerings will be noted on the menu if/when they become available.

My child has a food allergy. How will this be handled with meals being served in the classroom/eating area?

Allergy information will still be connected to a student’s meal account and meals prepared for classroom/cafeteria delivery will be made according to diet prescriptions for students that have a physician note on file with the school nurse.

Will breakfast be available at school?

Yes, breakfast will be available at the start of the school day at all levels. Our participation at breakfast is small enough that it is possible to socially distance students when getting and eating breakfast in the cafeteria. This may change with meals free for all students. Please watch school notices for more information on how to take advantage of breakfast offered at school.

Will my child still be able to get meal support if we have opted for virtual learning?

Yes, meals are available. If you are not currently signed up and would like to, please email Allissa Eiser, Food Service Director at