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A new Library webpage for a new year. Check out the new and improved 2017-18 Glenmont Library and Media Center webpage and watch for it to replace this page in September 2017.

Donate a Book to Our School Library to Help Celebrate a Child’s Birthday!

Consider donating a book to the Glenmont School library. Inside each book, a bookplate will be affixed, acknowledging the birthday child and the donation of the book. Each birthday child will be publicly recognized with their donated book. Outside of the library there is a bulletin board dedicated to students who have donated to the Birthday Book Club. Each student who has a book donated for their birthday, will take a picture holding their book in the library. A list of books recommended by the library has been added to as a “Glenmont Elementary School Wish List”.

The list of book recommendations can be found here.

All books will be added to the collection of the school library for the enjoyment of the entire student body.

You can donate a book for your child’s birthday at ANY time. You do not have to wait until their birth month or birthday.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Mr. DiTata via e-mail.

Thank you PTA!

Thanks to the PTA and the Scholastic Book Fair, the library has been able to acquire many new displays and new books for our students. We are very gracious for the amazing work the PTA does for our school. 

Here are just some of the new materials/displays that the library has acquired:




Library Class News

  • Each 5th grade student has become a published author! Both 5th grade classes have completed their own Animal Research projects. Mr. Gildart’s and Mrs. Aupperle’s class will each have their own books that will be added to the library. Any student will be able to check out these books! Each student has researched topic on any animal of their choosing while using our school’s online databases. 
    • 5th graders will continue to learn about researching, website evaluation, new technology, online databases, online safety, and much more!
  • 4th graders have written biographies about their classmates. They have also spent time learning about new technology. They have navigated the library catalog, several online databases, and how to download eBooks even away from school! 4th grade has also spent time on the reference section and its importance to research.
    • 4th grade will continue to learn about new and different technologies.
  • The 3rd graders have spent time connecting the knowledge they have learned earlier this year on the nonfiction section to the online database. They continue to work on locating different titles on their own after using the online catalog. They have also written their own autobiographies and have discovered all the parts of the book. We have also studied Caldecott and Newbery winners. 3rd grade has even learned how to download eBooks. They have also been introduced to different genres of books.
    • The 3rd graders will continue to practice navigating the library online and during book selection. They will also look at some online databases and completing research. They will be introduced to different genres and the reference section
  • 1st and 2nd grade have both done an author study on author and illustrator David Shannon. They have read several books by David Shannon and have worked on creating their own stories based off of David Shannon’s character “David.” These books will be published in our library and added to our catalog for all students to borrow and read. They have also been introduced to different types of genres and fiction/nonfiction books.
    • These grades will continue to work on their own “David” Stories. They will also continue to learn about other authors and award winning books. They will learn about different genres and how books are organized in our library.
  • Kindergarten students have been introduced to many new library books! They have seen fiction books, nonfiction books, even chapter books! We have learned how to treat a library book, library rules, and library terms.  We have studied the different locations of the library and how to use our shelf markers. We have learned about speech bubbles in stories, exclamation points, question marks, and other graphics inside texts too.
    • We will continue to look at different text features, different story elements, I Can Read chapter books, story elements, and much more!

Popular Links

Reading Information

The link to our library catalog is in sidebar on the left. Check out the below information to explore e-books and audiobooks.


  • overdrive

    Click above image to browse titles.

    Our library has downloadable eBooks and audiobooks via OverDrive, similar to the eBook and audiobook formats available at the public library.
  • Students and teachers use their school library card number to access OverDrive eBooks and audiobooks.
  • eBooks and audiobooks available through the school library have been selected specifically for elementary students and teachers.
  • OverDrive eBooks and audiobooks are made possible through our Capital Region BOCES School Library System and by funding from BCSD.

Follett Shelf eBooksfollettshelf

  • The school library has downloadable eBooks via Follett Shelf.
  • Students and teachers use a school login to access Follett Shelf eBooks. Contact your school’s librarian for login name and password.
  • Follett Shelf eBooks have been selected specifically for the school’s students and teachers.