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Math Fact Leaders

Each spring we have been recognizing our students who have mastered their math facts for their grade level as Glenmont Math Leaders. These students are invited to sign the Math Leader Bulletin Board, have their photo taken for our website, and have their names read during morning announcements. It is our goal to have EVERY student be recognized. Although here at Glenmont School we have been focusing on the mastery of math facts for the past few years, there is an increased urgency now that NYS has adopted the Common Core standards. Now there are state-wide expectations that children need to be able to recall math facts quickly and automatically. Why? Research has shown that when students are able to automatically recall their facts, they can then turn their attention to new concepts and more advanced tasks. For example, if a child does not know basic addition facts, then when a teacher is explaining a new problem solving technique, the child has to slow down and think about what 6+7 equals rather than concentrate on the new technique the teacher wants him to learn. The good news is that regular practice can help all of our students learn their facts, which will in turn allow them to be successful in their math studies both now and for the rest of their academic careers. Your child’s teacher has multiple ways for you to help support this learning at home, whether with games, websites, or flash cards. In order for your child to become proficient, he or she will need to practice at home. Spending five to ten minutes every day is a more effective way to help your child memorize their facts than spending an hour once a week. It is also important to note that the children must know their facts so well that their responses are quick and automatic. We are very excited about this emphasis on such an important skill for our students. Thank you in advance for your help!

Become a Math Fact Leader

Beginning in March, we are recognizing those students who have gone above and beyond and are able to answer math fact questions at lightening speed. Math Leaders will be invited to sign the Math Wall of Fame and have their photo posted here. Here are the criteria our students need to meet:

  • Kindergarten: facts to 5 (+ and -) meaning the total is no more than five. Children must complete 40 facts in 3 minutes.
  • Grade 1: facts to 10 (+ and -) – 20 facts in 1 minute
  • Grade 2: facts to 20 (+ and -) – 20 facts in 1 minute
  • Grade 3: 20 facts in 1 minute for all operations
  • Grade 4: 30 facts in 1 minute for all operations
  • Grade 5: 40 facts in 1 minute for all operations

2014 Math Fact Leaders

Week of June 16

Glenmont_MFL_2014_June16_02 Glenmont_MFL_2014_June16_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_June16_04 Glenmont_MFL_2014_June16_01

Week of June 2

Glenmont_MFL_2014_June2_04 Glenmont_MFL_2014_June2_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_June2_02 Glenmont_MFL_2014_June2_01

Week of May 26


Week of May 19

Glenmont_MFL_2014_May19_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_May19_01 Glenmont_MFL_2014_May19_02

Week of May 12

Glenmont_MFL_2014_May12_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_May12_02 Glenmont_MFL_2014_May12_01

Week of May 5

Glenmont_MFL_2014_May5_01 Glenmont_MFL_2014_May5_02

Week of April 7

Glenmont_MFL_2014_April7_06 Glenmont_MFL_2014_April7_07 Glenmont_MFL_2014_April7_08 Glenmont_MFL_2014_April7_04 Glenmont_MFL_2014_April7_05 Glenmont_MFL_2014_April7_02 Glenmont_MFL_2014_April7_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_April7_01

Week of March 24

Glenmont_MFL_2014_March24_07 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March24_06 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March24_08 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March24_04 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March24_05 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March24_02 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March24_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March24_01

Week of March 17

Glenmont_MFL_2014_March17_06 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March17_05 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March17_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March17_04 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March17_02 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March17_01

Week of March 10

Glenmont_MFL_2014_March10_08 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March10_07 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March10_05 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March10_06 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March10_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March10_04 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March10_02 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March10_01

Week of March 3

Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_10 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_09 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_06 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_07 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_08 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_05 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_03 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_04 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_01 Glenmont_MFL_2014_March3_02