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Glenmont’s Hoops for Heart to start Oct. 30

Filed in Glenmont by on October 12, 2017

Glenmont is in its 19th year participating in Hoops for Heart, which is an educational fundraiser for people with sick hearts.

You may have noticed a HOOPS FOR HEART envelope in your child’s backpack. All P.E. classes are in the process of receiving the information.

The envelope contains details about how to sign up for the fundraising part of the event. Please note that the fundraising is voluntary, and all classes will participate in basketball-themed activities the week of Monday, October 30 through Friday, November 3.

We ask that any monies collected please be returned by November 9. Our focus for this event is helping to raise awareness about the risk factors of heart disease, and learning healthy habits.  

You can ask your son/daughter how they can keep their heart healthy! 

Thank you for your support.