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Hamagrael PTA meeting minutes – October 18, 2018

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Location: Hamagrael Library

Time: 7 p.m.


  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Principal’s Report
  • Committee Chair Reports/ News
  • Other News
  • Upcoming PTA Events


  • Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Bill Ketzer

President’s report (Bill Ketzer):

  • Welcome PTA members. 6 members in addition to the board in attendance.
  • Motion to adopt the September 2018 minutes – Colleen Driggs and Helmut Phillip and (1st and 2nd the motion)
  • Board of Education October Meeting held at Hamagrael (October 17th).  Hamagrael’s music sharing program (initiated by Mrs. Courtney Richmond) was highlighted on the agenda, with a performance by the 4th grade choir singing “We are the World”. The children did an incredible job.
  • Adoption of our new Fundraising committee chaired by Kotun Uruaga. All fundraising activities will need to be cleared by the front office.
  • The district has distributed the survey inquiring what types of family and parent workshops the district should be providing.  This survey will be live until 10/26.
  • THANK YOU to all the fall volunteers. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your time to help make our events a success.
  • Co-Presidents will begin utilizing the “G” drive to determine which of the committee chairs have not yet submitted their scope of work. Helmut will reach out to the chairs to ensure that they understand what is needed and that they start submitting.
  • Book Fair is incorrectly dated on the calendar, the dates of the fair will be 11/6,7 and 8.

Treasurer’s report (Gianna and Colleen):

  • Increased PTA membership dues, accounted for approximately 1100$ after directory was established.
  • Line item review of budget, removed Accountant services as they are not needed this year.
  • Possibly changing “School Supply Kit” fundraiser, so that PTA receives 1$ for every kit purchased.
  • School Spirit wear saw lower sales this year. Down to approx. 355$ profit. Looking towards revisiting in the spring.
  • Enrichment has brought in approximately $4100 to date. This total does not take into account the teacher payment. Will have updated total profit next month.
  • Budget is current and up to date.

Principal’s report (Dave Ksanznak):

  • Junior Ballet visited October 18th. Great response from the kids.
  • Author David Rottenburg visited with K-2 students on October 18th.
  • Fundraising committee should plan to meet and discuss building availability with front office staff as building books up quickly. Building currently booked through January.
  • Board of Education meeting was a huge success, Hamagraels “Music Sharing” presentation was very well received”, Hamagrael 4th grade choir will be going to the plaza in April or May to sing.
  • Form for building use should now be sent directly to the school, addressed to “Hamagrael PTA’.
  • School looking forward to first CAPER, November 1st.

Committee chair reports/news:

Fall Family Picnic Recap (Molly Phillip)

  • Earned 1600$
  • Raffle did better this year than in prior years, going forward the committee will seek out volunteers to help with the raffle itself.
  • Committee provided businesses who donated with a tax receipt, which seemed to make a big difference.

Haunted House (Gianna)

  • Coming along.
  • Still need volunteers for heavy lifting, and clean up.

Halloween Party

  • Still need volunteers for bake sale, set up and clean up.
  • Please put out a note to families, asking them to start returning RSVP’s.

Gardening Committee (Alicia Rothenburg)

  • Front of the school beautification to take place on 10/20.
  • Large amount of volunteers.
  • Beginning to plan for Spring (flowers in budget, mulch donated by Sagendorf family).

Fall book fair (Gianna)

  • Dates for the book fair have been changed to Nov 6, 7 & 8.  The online calendar reflects this but the hard copy that went home in the mail during late summer does not.  

Craft Fair (Update)

  • Vendor checks have started coming in to Colleen.
  • Food Truck secured, still working on a vendor for the cafeteria.

Fundraising Commite (Kotun Uruaga)

  • Committee starting to work on ideas, so far they are working out a “parent’s night out”, and a “spring garage sale”.
  • In the upcoming weeks, will be sending home a survey to the families to determine what type of fundraisers they would like to see in the school.

Other News:

  • Caper begins 11/1

Upcoming Events:

  • Halloween Party – Oct 26
  • Caper- 11/1
  • Fall Book Fair- 11/6, 7, 8

In attendance: Bill Ketzer (President), Helmut Phillip (co-president), Erik Smith (Co-Treas), Colleen Driggs, (Co-Treas), Lori Bosworth (Sec.), Principal David Ksanzank, Teacher Rep: Emily Labate, Deb Wooster

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Submitted by: Lori Bosworth, Co-Secretary