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Information about remote learning when a K-5 student is absent

Filed in Archive by on October 5, 2020

An important letter for K-5 families from Assistant Superintendent Dave Hurst

Dear K-5 families: 

We wanted to let you know what happens if your child needs to be absent from school due to illness, is quarantining, or is home awaiting diagnostic test results or an appointment with a health care provider.

Can my child get work they are missing?

Yes. We will be handling this as we have always handled absences pre-COVID: please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher to request missed assignments. The teacher may be able to leave a folder of work in the school’s main office for you to pick up or to send home with a sibling. Some teachers may instead encourage your child to complete work posted on Google Classroom or SeeSaw, engage with learning apps on Clever such as iReady, or spend time doing activities such as independent reading or journal writing. Of course, if your child is not feeling well enough to do work, that is understandable, in which case the teacher will help your child catch up once s/he is well enough to return to school.

Can my child join the Virtual Learning Academy for a few days?

No. The Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) teachers and students have developed classroom communities that are functioning like any other classrooms in the district and would be negatively impacted by having students moving in and out of them. Just like with in-person classrooms, the teachers and students have developed relationships and their lessons build from day-to-day. For these reasons, we are unable to have our in-person learners temporarily join a class in the VLA when they are sick or quarantining.

Will my child be able to Zoom into their current classroom?

No. At the elementary level, our teachers are in the challenging position of engaging in-person students in meaningful, high-quality lessons while keeping them six feet apart, wearing their masks, and keeping them comfortable at their desks for most of the day including lunch and specials. If teachers needed to simultaneously manage the technology and participation of at-home learners, their in-person students would be adversely impacted and vice versa. For this reason, teachers are asked not to stream in-person lessons to students at home.

Can my child get their Chromebook or iPad?

Yes. You may call the office and arrange to pick up your child’s device.

What if my child wants to do more?

If your child is feeling well enough, they can always…

  • Complete some personalized iReady lessons in either reading or math.
  • Play Greg Tang math games.
  • Use any of the apps on Clever.
  • Read a book or magazine, either a hard copy or an e-book.
  • Try an activity from this website:

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this unprecedented time together. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher or principal.


Dave Hurst

Assistant Superintendent for Educational Programs and Instruction