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Information for K-8 parents about i-Ready

Filed in District by on November 1, 2017

In 2017-18, BC elementary schools and middle school have been introducing i-Ready Diagnostic in classrooms throughout the district. It is an adaptive online assessment tool for reading and math. i-Ready has replaced AIMSweb at the elementary level and the Scholastic Inventory at the middle school. i-Ready is designed to be engaging for students and will help teachers quickly and effectively assess the individual needs of each and every student while allowing them to monitor a student’s progress throughout the school year.

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade will take the i-Ready Diagnostic assessment three times during the school year: in fall, winter, and spring. The results of these adaptive assessments will provide teachers with a personalized instructional course of action for each student. Individual student reports detailing results from the the fall i-Ready Diagnostic assessments will be provided to parents by mid-November.

The district recently hosted a parent information session for families K-8 to introduce them to i-Ready Diagnostic. The session was hosted by Dave Hurst, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Programs and Laurel Jones, K-5 Administrator for RtI and Instructional Technology. A review of their presentation can be viewed below: