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Letter from Principal Bonacquist, Feb. 26

Filed in Slingerlands by on February 26, 2021

Dear Families,

Fifi’s Frocks & Frills  Winner in the Favorite Teacher Contest:

Six Slingerlands Elementary students chose to submit essays nominating their favorite Slingerlands’ Teacher. The winning essay belonged to Slingerlands’ student, Christina Lee, who nominated Slingerlands’ ENL teacher, Ms. Lewis. Congratulations to Ms. Lewis on being nominated and chosen as the Fifi’s Frocks & Frills Favorite Teacher! Enjoy your gift card! It is a wonderful thing when students share their appreciation of their teachers! Congratulations to the other Slingerlands Staff who were also nominated by Slingerlands’ students: Mrs. Collette, Ms. Duclos, Ms. Koutsakis, Mrs. Neri, Ms. Zyniecki.  The owner of the store is Genn Shaughnessy.  Thank you to her and an anonymous donor who made this possible!

Virtual Science Fair Projects need to be uploaded to Flipgrid by March 10th.  In order to upload this you need to log in to Flipgrid using your child’s email address.  This can be found in Clever or Aspen if you don’t know it.  Reach out to me if you have any questions.

Friday, March 12 Early Dismissal Day

There is an important March calendar update for families. Friday, March 12, 2021 will now be an early dismissal day for all students K-12. 

  • Dismissal for Grades K-5 is at 12:10. Bus riders and walker/bikers will dismiss at this time. 
  • Car pick-up will begin at 11:40 and end at 12:00. Please fill out this form for your child’s dismissal for this day:

Spirit Day/Unity Day  Friday, March 5   Tie Dye Day – wear your favorite Tie Dye outfit or accessory. 

Have a great weekend and a wonderful break!




Upcoming Dates to Remember:

March 3 – BOE Meeting, 7pm

March 5 – Tie Dye Day

March 12 – Early Dismissal at 12:10 (11:40-12:00 for car pickup)




Cars can enter the parking lot at 9:00.  We will begin letting cars through as soon as the buses are done, which is about 9:15.  If you are running a little late and do not see any staff member still out in the back, you may have to park and walk your child up to the front door and ring the bell.


Dismissal – 

Parents will be allowed in the parking lot at 2:55.  When the weather turns bad, we will likely back this time up again to as early as 2:45.


Walkers / Bike Riders – 

Bikers and walkers will be released at 3:15.

If it rains and your child will NOT be walking/riding, please contact the office and let us know.


COVID Tracker 

Please remember to complete this each morning for each of your children. This needs to be completed everyday, EVEN if your child is home sick or is in quarantine.  If you haven’t completed it, we will be giving you a reminder.