Letter from Principal Kloss, Feb. 10

Dear Elsmere Families,

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! I hope you’re having a great weekend with your kids, friends and family. We had such a good time together this week because of YOU, our wonderful Elsmere families who helped to bring our 1 School, 1 Book author, the bookfair and second grade breakfast to school. You can find more photos from the week here.

Speaking of the bookfair, thanks especially to Sarah Matrose for coordinating this and the terrific volunteers including Danielle McFee, Meredith Moriarty, Joanna Gleason, Candice Stellato, Melissa Leddy, Paul Mueller, Amy Krawiecki, Kate Kriss, Cheryl Ryan, Jill Schaefer, Nicole DeSantis-Robins, Michael Treffiletti, Linda Yates, Abba Canning, Erica Beams, Erin Reilly, Veronica Barkman, Tiffany Davis, Virginia Muniz, Mary Matrose and Jen Fitzpatrick.

Author Adam Gidwitz was so funny and inspirational. One of his main messages was that anyone who daydreams or pretends can be an author  – just by writing down those stories we make up when we play (followed by a lot of editing)

The PTA is working on a program for the February 28th school assembly to Elsmere’s National Blue Ribbon Award. They are seeking short videos from students sharing some things that they love about Elsmere and why. Special occasions, people, places – anything! Please submit your short video clip to Noel by February 17th – NoelBrooke22@yahoo.com

We had a number of outstanding submissions for the national handwriting contest! As I wrote about recently, there are multitude of academic and personal benefits associated with good handwriting and, with just a little focused practice, almost anyone can achieve this. Our contest winners will be announced next week, but everyone is urged to continue to make good handwriting a personal goal. 

Like swinging a baseball bat ⚾, making it to the next level in a video game 🎮, or  math facts ➕, handwriting is a skill that takes individual practice and perseverance. You will be doing your child a lifetime of good by incrementally helping them develop good handwriting. 

See you on Monday!