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Letter from Principal Kloss, Jan. 10

Filed in Elsmere by on January 10, 2020

Dear Elsmere Families,

Welcome back for what is certain to be a terrific 2020 at Elsmere Elementary! The New Year is a perfect opportunity to let you know again about our commitment to providing a solid education for your children, filled with exciting adventures, meaningful skills and fun. We hope you will continue to be involved with us in so many ways, making Elsmere a wonderful school for children and adults. With the goals we work toward together, this could be the year that great things happen!

This is also a good time to talk with your children about the future and personal goal setting. Have your child take a look at how her/his school year is going and set some fresh goals for the remainder of the year. The New Year brings renewed hope for a better day. Getting your child to talk about any problems he/she is having and setting a goal to work on them is the first step toward a happier and more successful year. As we adults model this problem-solving strategy and work through problems together now, we set the stage for children to develop life-long skills necessary for success. The younger we teach children to actively set personal goals and use problem solving strategies, the better they will be able to handle life’s big hurdles as they grow up.

One small hurdle we can work on together is making our new parking lot as safe as possible. Please note that the area between the main school door and the green island is for one-way traffic only, as marked by a “Do Not Enter” sign.  And until the fire lane lines are repainted this spring, please be mindful that cars should not be parked at the curb in front of the building.  Thank you for your cooperation with this!

A group of Elsmere staff have been reading and discussing the book Glow Kids by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras who explores the dangers of too much technology for children’s growing brains. We are discussing ways to help your children live rich, involved lives without relying primarily on technology for entertainment. We look forward to conversations with parents too, as we share in the challenges you may be facing, including cutting back on our own digital distractions.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hope to see our fourth and fifth graders and their parents at our awesome Math and Science Night tonight!



Kate Kloss