Letter from Principal Kloss, Jan. 28

Dear Elsmere Families,

Thank you to our students and staff for another great week at Elsmere. A few notes this week:

Spirit Day 2/2/22

A favorite thing that comes in twos are socks. On 2/2/22, let’s celebrate the number 2 by wearing crazy or mismatched socks!

Covid symptoms and/or positive tests?

PLEASE email nurse Jean Isenberg at jisenberg@bethlehemschools.org if your child has covid symptoms, tests positive or a family member in your house tests positive. If  you need a covid test, please call the office to arrange a pick up time.

Outdoor Recess (Cold Weather)

I wanted to outline the parameters we use to determine whether or not we go outside for recess each day. The guidelines we use are that if it’s above 10 degrees, with the windchill, we always go out. If the temperature with the wind chill is between 5 – 10 degrees we will make a determination based on if the sun is out and conditions outside. PLEASE have your child dressed appropriately or contact the office if we can help with this. 

Typically, if the temperature with the wind chill is below 5 degrees we will be inside for recess. We plan on purchasing more board games and other activities to have for indoor recess time. 

Rest assured that we do everything that we can to get the kids outside each day.

Handwriting Contest

Submissions are due on February 7th.  Research and our collective experience indicate that good handwriting (which includes good printing) can be an important factor in students’ success. Please encourage your child to hold their pencil correctly, form letters correctly (start from the top!), make letters the correct size and take their time when writing. 

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!


Kate Kloss