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Letter from Principal Kloss, Mar. 20

Filed in Elsmere by on March 20, 2020

Dear Elsmere Families,

When I write our weekly newsletters, I look back on the newsletters from previous years to remind me of the events to note and people to thank. Each time I do this, I reflect on how dedicated our Elsmere community is, constantly creating wonderful opportunities for children to learn, laugh and love. While the events change and the families move in and on, like the changing of the seasons, there is a beautiful consistency and predictability to this pattern of care.

Well, this week is so very different from anything that any of us have ever experienced. No past newsletter could possibly guide me. Our normal daily and weekly patterns are altered in ways we never imagined. Yet it occurred to me that one thing absolutely did not change: the dedication and teamwork of our community in making our children’s precious childhoods be meaningful, loving and fun. I couldn’t be more grateful and impressed.

And so, here a few special BC ideas to help you and your child make the most of this worldwide pause:

  • Enjoy learning activities at home – BCSD is very aware that many families have significantly altered routines including limited technology. For now, please just do what works for your family and enjoy this time together (although I hope this includes reading, writing/drawing and playing rather than hours of screen time!) We are working on a different format and will update these activities by Monday mornings for as long as needed.
  • Want to stay in touch with counselor, Mrs. Howell? Look for her e-mail soon to come.
  • March 25 at 6:30 – Virtual CAPER (Children and Parents Enjoying Reading)
  • Since I am not taking any photos to share with you this week, feel free to add your own to our shared album. I started us off with one of our school and one of my daughter who had an early end to her year as a high school exchange student in Spain.

Clearly there is no shortage of great ideas! Many thanks to all who have created or suggested these (and more, which I will share at a later date). 

Finally, we wish a very happy birthday to our friends who celebrated their special day this week: Yayah H., Charlie S., Lilia S., and those who will mark another trip around the sun next week: Matthew B., Marissa C., Max C., Chris F., Emma P., Isaiah G and Erik T.  Hope you enjoy terrific birthdays!

Take care of your sweeties, hug them tight for me and stay well.