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Letter from Interim Principal Laurel Jones, Jan. 26

Filed in Eagle by on January 26, 2018

Eagle Families,

It was another fantastic week at Eagle!  We are lucky to have such wonderful students, faculty, and staff that make learning fun. I can not believe that next week is the beginning of February.

I hope you have heard about the new lunch and recess ticket system at Eagle. A special thank you to Sue Yzquierdo for presenting the system at the PTO meeting last week. For those of you who were unable to attend, below is an overview.

I highly recommend attending Peter Pan Jr. at the Middle School this weekend (Sunday appears to be sold out). It is an amazing show! You can purchase tickets before each showtime.

We are so happy to welcome Mrs. Reagan back next week. I have had an amazing time working with each and everyone of your children. I consider myself the luckiest administrator in Bethlehem.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Laurel Jones

Eagle Elementary: Lunch and Recess

Lunch and Recess are an essential part of your student’s social development and health. It gives students a chance to practice and use the skills they are learning and has a vital connection to their education. Eagle Elementary wants all students to have a healthy, positive, and safe lunch and recess experience.

The expectations at lunch and recess are that students are safe, respectful, and responsible.

When students are caught meeting those expectations, they are given a “SOAR to SUCCESS” ticket with specific feedback that connects their behavior to the value: safe, respectful, and/or responsible.

That ticket is placed in a grade level bucket. Once a week, at least FOUR tickets are pulled per grade. If a student’s ticket is pulled, they can make a choice from “the list”. The list changes often based on feedback and ideas from staff and students. Some popular choices are sitting on the stage, having a table covered in paper to doodle during lunch, lunch with the principal, and music at recess.

Tickets are collected and tracked with the goal of making sure that every student receives at least one ticket per month. On average, 51 tickets are handed out per day!

Other positive experiences include monthly special choices based on the class or grade that has received the most tickets. Some of these choices include extra recess time, table decorations, or a watching a movie during lunch!

The introduction of tickets has enhanced the relationship between the lunch and recess monitors and students.

When students are struggling to meet expectations at lunch and recess, the lunch and recess monitors are allowing for natural consequences or providing logical consequences. For example, if a student is running through the cafeteria to get in line, they are asked to go back and try again. Having this “do over” naturally puts that student toward the end of the line.

If students continue to struggle to meet expectations at lunch and recess, the lunch and recess monitors work through an incident with a student through a “think sheet”. This think sheet is quick and structured to allow the students to connect feelings, behavior, impact on others, and alternative behaviors to try next time.

How can you be involved? Talk to your children about lunch and recess. When they report a problem, help them talk through it and problem solve/plan for the next day. Ask about weekly ticket pulls.

When visiting a playground, keep expectations of equipment use the same or let your child know that the rules are different when they are with you but that they are not allowed to make that choice at recess. For example: jumping off swings, running up the slides, or hanging upside down on the monkey bars are not allowed at recess, however may be okay to do when your child is with you at the park! This will allow students to understand that expectations change between home and school and parents and adults at school work together.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me and thank you for your continued support in making Eagle a place for children to “Soar to Success”.