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Letter from Principal Dianna Reagan, Feb. 9

Filed in Eagle by on February 9, 2018

Dear Parents,

We have had a great week at Eagle and I have thoroughly enjoyed being back.  I hope you enjoyed the Wednesday snow day.  At least the snow gave the children some added fun at recess and a well-deserved break from the many indoor recess days they have had lately.  

I am trying something new on my morning announcements. Every Monday I will be using a new vocabulary word in my announcements for the students to discover. I will also provide a brief definition and explain some nuances of the word if applicable.  For example this week’s word was emulate. While it does mean to want to be like another person you admire or respect like a role model, it does not mean to simply copy or mimic. Teachers around the school will be using the words when they find an opportunity. And they will be posted in our cafeteria as well. I did not tell the students I was doing this ahead of time…but many of them noticed. I will share the words with you via email every Monday along with the definitions I used.  Feel free to insert them into your conversations with your children to see if they notice.  The words are geared mostly to grades 3-5 we hope the younger students will notice some too!  

Our two words thus far are:

 emulate – to imitate someone especially the idea of matching their success and/or because you admire him/her

 imperative – when something absolutely has to be done and cannot be put off; very important

Don’t forget about CAPER this Tuesday night at 6:30pm in the Eagle Cafeteria. Come listen to our CAPER readers read excerpts from some of their favorite books!

Thanks for all you do for Eagle and our Eaglets.

Enjoy your weekend,