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Letter from Principal Heffernan, May 3

Filed in Glenmont by on May 3, 2019

Dear Families,

Next week is Healthy Kids Week!  This year the committee is promoting healthy sleep habits.  Information went home about how you can improve your quality of sleep, including a checklist of activities so families can talk about this together.  We often take sleep for granted, but it is so important, especially for our children, to get enough quality sleep every night. Thank you to our PTA Healthy Kids Committee Chairs Christy Venter and Kate Medhus for their work.

The Town of Bethlehem and the Bethlehem Police Family Services Unit are hosting a Walk & Roll Fest to raise awareness of pedestrian and bike safety, as well as celebrate our town’s trails, open spaces, and bike-and-pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods.  This will be on Saturday, May 18, from 10am-1pm next to the Community Care parking lot on Delaware Ave. There will be booths, activity centers, a bike raffle and auction, and more.  While there, your child can even enter a drawing to win a pizza party with me for a future school lunch time!

Our fifth graders will be visiting the middle school on Friday during the school day to get a glimpse of the exciting next step ahead of them in their academic careers.  It’s hard to believe they have less than two months remaining at Glenmont School before they move on.

The next PTA Meeting will be on Tuesday, May 7, at 7:00pm in the library.  Please join us! The PTA also has some fun events coming up for those families who registered in advance including a Parents Night Out movie night on Friday as well as some Paint and Pop classes.  We love our PTA for all of the special programs and opportunities they provide our school.  Thank you, PTA!

You may have noticed we drastically cut back the two burning bushes out in front of the school entrance.  This was because they had grown too large and were inhibiting our ability to see who was in front of the school.  While it looks dramatic, burning bushes can be cut back like this to help them grow stronger and healthier, so we are giving nature some time to (hopefully!) work its magic. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Mark your calendars for May 21 for the annual school budget vote.  BC elementary students are invited to join their parents at the polls that day to vote in a Kids Vote Too! event from 4-8pm in which each elementary school will be deciding on the color of a glow-in-the-dark silicone bracelet inscribed with our values of “Be Kind, Respectful, and Responsible.”

Happy May!

Laura Heffernan