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Letter from Principal Heffernan, Oct. 11

Filed in Glenmont by on October 11, 2019

Dear Families,

We are grateful to the Selkirk Volunteer Fire Department for spending Thursday morning teaching Glenmont students about fire safety.  The fire fighters, under the direction of Doug VanApeldoorn, held two assemblies full of information for our students focusing especially on home fire escape plans.  We much appreciate past chief VanApeldoorn, past chief Bill Asprion, Glenmont alum Lt. Alex Rosa, and all of the other firefighters who volunteered their time. Thank you also to second grade teacher Mrs. Bowen and fifth grade teacher Ms. Mihok for donning the fire fighter gear as a way to illustrate to the children that underneath all of that equipment is a person who is there to help.

The Fire Department is encouraging students to create their own Home Escape Plans. If you would like, you can email a picture of your child’s drawing of their Home Escape Plan to the Department using the email address so the Department can show it on their Facebook Page. No names need to be listed on the picture to protect each child’s and family’s privacy.  We encourage your child to participate!

Last week your child had a substitute teacher for a day so that our faculty members could attend a professional development day led by the nationally known math educator Greg Tang, Jr. We found it to be a helpful experience.  The children also had the opportunity to experience a math assembly led by Greg Tang, Jr.’s associate. Ask your child about how to play games like Kakooma or any of the other math games they have been learning.  The goal is for the children to gain a solid foundation in number sense coupled with lots and lots of practice manipulating numbers and math facts to gain fluency.

Please remember that there is no school on Monday due to Columbus Day.  Enjoy the weekend!


Laura Heffernan