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Letter from Principal Kloss, Jan. 4

Filed in Elsmere by on January 4, 2019

January 4, 2019

Dear Elsmere Families,

Welcome back to a fresh, new year! Recently, I heard a teacher telling her class that her favorite holiday of all is New Years, because of the exciting opportunity for self-improvement it offers. This ties in very well with the “P” in Elsmere PRIDE: Personal Best. While we can’t all be the best at everything, the challenge of self-improvement is very motivating.

This is a great time to talk with your children about the school year and personal goal setting. Have your child take a look at how her/his school year is going and set some meaningful goals for the remainder of the year. Setting goals is the first step toward a happier and more successful year. As we adults model this problem-solving strategy and work together, we set the stage for children to develop life-long skills necessary for success. The younger we teach children to actively set personal goals and use problem solving strategies, the better they will be able to handle life’s big hurdles as they grow up. We are sending home a “New Year’s Resolution Scroll” for students to record their goal for us to post on our large school bulletin board. Feel free to include your resolution as well!

Some special events coming up this month include:

  • January 8th – 7pm – PTA meeting
  • January 9th – 6:30 – Book Huggers Club meeting – 4th and 5th grade
  • January 11 – 6pm – Elsmere Movie Night – the original Mary Poppins (NEW DATE)
  • January 21  – MLKing day, no school
  • January  25 – Grade 4 and 5 Math and Science Night (NEW DATE)
  • January  29 – 7 pm – Elsmere Grade 4/5 Winter Concert at the High School (NEW DATE)
  • January  30 – 6-7pm- CAPER

Our Mitten Tree has started off with a few warm donations. If you are able, please send in new mittens, winter hats or scarves for those less fortunate. I wish you a warm and wonderful new year!


Kate Kloss