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Letter from Principal Kloss, Oct. 27

Filed in Elsmere by on October 27, 2017

Dear Elsmere Families,

Happy Early Halloween! Thank you to the many parent helpers for running our Halloween Happenings for tonight! We are looking forward to a great event.  While education is our key focus at school, we hope to always remember that childhood should be enjoyable and that we all learn better when we are having a good time.

The Bookfair begins next Thursday and will run through Monday, November 6. Grandparents and other special adults are invited to enjoy their lunch and the bookfair at school with students on Monday. Please see our webpage and the PTA facebook page for more information and thank Jenny Mash and Lauren Perrotto for running this great event. 

During the month of November, all students are invited to participate in “Read for Ronald”. Your child brought a packet home early this week explaining this project. While the fundraising aspect is helpful to others in our community, it is completely voluntary.  However, all students are encouraged to read every day, record the minutes and turn in their calendars at the end of the month. All participating students will receive a prize, whether or not they raise money. And of course, the best prize is, the more they read, the better readers they will become! 

November is also the time we honor the special veterans in our lives. Please send in a decorated star for a veteran special to you. Elsmere families are also asked to invite special veterans in your lives to our school assembly on November 9 at 2:30. Students have been starting to prepare for this assembly, so we would really like someone to honor! Please call the office at 439-4996 if your veteran will be able to attend.

As you heard from Superintendent Monroe, I am passing the Elsmere principal torch temporarily to Andy Baker, our district ELA supervisor. Mr. Baker is a respected educator and great person who happens to be my neighbor and friend. I think he is a very good fit for Elsmere and have no doubt you will be happy with him. I certainly will miss your awesome children and you all when I am out. Please stay in touch!

As far as my health, I have just begun a battle with breast cancer. At this point my full diagnosis and treatment plan is uncertain, thus the undetermined leave time. I know many of you have personal experience with this illness and I am drawing strength and inspiration from the positive way this has been tackled by others. I also want to take this opportunity to give a PSA on getting regular check ups and taking care of yourself. We do this for our children and we should do it for ourselves too!

Enjoy a wonderful weekend and a great autumn.